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About us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

At Gearlogy, Our passion is technology, and our mission is to bring its marvels closer to you.


We're more than just a publication; we're a dynamic community of tech enthusiasts, writers, and innovators.


Our journey is fueled by a profound love for the digital realm and a commitment to delivering content that's both insightful and inspiring.

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Our Story

About us - Gearlogy Story

Gearlogy embarked on its journey in [2019] as a brainchild of forward-thinking individuals with an unbridled passion for technology.


This venture was inspired by the transformative impact of the digital era, with a mission to enlighten individuals and businesses alike, empowering them to thrive in a swiftly evolving landscape.

Our Mission

At Gearlogy, our mission is straightforward yet audacious - to steer through the pulse of technology and innovation.


We strive to be at the forefront of digital advancements, providing insightful, well-researched, and expertly curated content that equips our readers with the knowledge and perspectives they need to excel in their industries and passions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to emerge as the preeminent digital publication synonymous with credibility, accuracy, and impartial reporting. We envisage a future where every individual and organization can readily access reliable and in-depth information about technology trends, emerging innovations, and disruptive developments that shape our interconnected world.

Meet Our Team

Gearlogy (Gibbs and Yardley Media & Co.) transcends the realms of mere publication; it's a vibrant community encompassing dedicated writers, industry experts, and tech aficionados.


Our diverse team amalgamates a wealth of knowledge and expertise across various domains, ensuring our content remains at the vanguard of technological progress.

Editorial Team:

Meet the passionate minds behind Gearlogy:

  • Meredith Avery - A fervent technology enthusiast and writer at The Gearlogy. With a background in engineering and a deep affection for all things tech, Meredith is committed to delivering the latest insights into the world of innovation. Join her as she guides you through the digital landscape: [].

  • Joshua Gibbs - Seasoned tech writer at The Gearlogy, Joshua's fascination with technology began at an early age and has blossomed into a full-fledged passion. Holding a degree in Computer Science and a knack for demystifying complex tech topics, he's devoted to furnishing you with informative and captivating content. Explore the intersection of tech and everyday life with Joshua: [].

  • Amir Malik - Amir Malik is a tech enthusiast with a flair for writing. As a contributor to Gearlogy, he bridges the chasm between technology and everyday life. Armed with a background in Digital Marketing, he's on a mission to unravel the mysteries of the tech world for you. Join Amir on his quest to keep you informed and inspired: [].

  • Pooja Kapoor - Pooja Kapoor, is a writer spellbound by the union of technology and creativity. With a background in Journalism, she effortlessly blends storytelling with the digital landscape to present you with engaging content at Gearlogy. From profiling tech innovators to uncovering the art behind user experience design, Pooja is here to reveal the human facet of tech: [].


We're privileged to collaborate with industry experts and thought leaders who generously share their experiences, analysis, and expertise, enriching the depth and scope of our content.

What We Offer

  1. Insightful Articles: Our articles span a broad spectrum of topics, encompassing artificial intelligence, blockchain, cybersecurity, digital marketing, fintech, and more. We don't shy away from diving deep into the minutiae, enabling our readers to gain a profound understanding of the subjects that matter most.

  2. Expert Analysis: In partnership with seasoned professionals and specialists across industries, we provide expert analysis and profound insights into market trends, technological advancements, and their ramifications for businesses and society at large.

  3. Trending News: In the whirlwind pace of the digital landscape, staying informed is imperative. Our team assiduously curates the latest news, emerging trends, and noteworthy breakthroughs, delivering pertinent and timely updates to keep our readers in the loop.

Our Growth and Impact

Over the years, Gearlogy has undergone exponential growth, reaching a global audience of tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders.


Our unwavering commitment to quality, integrity, and excellence has garnered the trust of our readers, fostering an engaged and supportive community.

Join Our Community

We extend a heartfelt invitation for you to become a part of our thriving community.


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Collaborate with us

We place great value on collaboration and readily embrace opportunities to partner with like-minded organizations, startups, and industry trailblazers. If you harbor exciting ideas for joint projects or wish to explore ways to work together, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at [].

Contact us

We deeply appreciate hearing from our readers and wholeheartedly welcome your feedback, questions, and suggestions. Feel free to reach out to us at [] for any inquiries or simply to connect with our team.

At The Gearlogy, we are resolute in our commitment to empower, educate, and inspire our readers as we continue to explore the limitless horizons of technology and innovation.

Welcome to GEARLOGY - Where Tech Comes to Life.

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