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Android Device Black Screen When Charging?

Android users frequently encounter the frustration of a black screen on their smartphones or tablets, even after connecting them to a charger.

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If you've experienced this issue, don't fret; Google offers recommended steps for troubleshooting, designed to be simple and user-friendly.

1. Try Restarting Your Device:

Many Android devices exhibit a peculiar behavior where they briefly power on, only to go black again, even when connected to a charger.

Google advises users to hold down the power button on their mobile device for five to seven seconds to initiate a restart. This action can resolve the problem of "false charging" and is a straightforward step any user can perform.

2. Check Charging Components:

Verify if the issue lies with the charging cable, adapter, or power outlet. Google recommends inspecting the charging cable and the device's charging port externally.

Test the cable with other devices to ensure its functionality. Ensure the cable is correctly connected to both the charger and the device. Also, check for foreign substances like dust or lint in the charging port.

Ensure that no accessories, such as cases, covers, or battery packs, obstruct the device's sensors or affect side panel buttons. Lastly, ascertain the power outlet's functionality by connecting another device or appliance.

3. Battery Fully Discharged:

In some cases, Android devices remain unresponsive even when connected to a functional charger. This issue arises when the device's battery is entirely depleted.

If you observe a battery icon while your device is powered off and charging, it indicates that the battery is not completely drained, and you can restart your device immediately.

However, if you see a red light, it signifies that the battery is fully discharged.

A flashing red light indicates that the battery lacks sufficient power to turn on the device. In such instances, charge your device for at least 30 minutes before attempting to restart it.

If neither a battery icon nor a red light is visible after connecting to a charger, the issue may pertain to the device's screen.

Note that battery icons and lights can vary among devices from different manufacturers.

4. Troubleshoot the Screen Issue:

If none of the above steps result in your Android device charging, consider troubleshooting the display manually. Press the power button for approximately 30 seconds and wait for about 2 minutes.

Attempt to make your device ring, either by calling it from another device or using the Find My Device feature.

If your device rings, you can proceed with advanced display troubleshooting steps accessible from the device's screen. Keep in mind that these steps may be more complex and could be confusing for common users.

In such cases, it is advisable to seek professional assistance.

Resolve the frustrating issue of a black screen on your Android device during charging by following these Google-recommended troubleshooting steps.


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