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Why does Apple Mouse charge from the bottom?

Apple launched a new black Magic Mouse, but you still have to flip it over to charging

Apple launched a new Magic Mouse today, March 8th, 2022. It’s a slick-looking black version. It also still has its charging port on the bottom — meaning that six and a half years after its introduction, Apple still seems to think that the best way to charge the mouse is by flipping it over (rendering it useless) and plugging in a Lightning cable.

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Apple has always been known for its sleek and stylish designs, and the Apple Mouse is no exception. One of the unique features of the Apple Mouse is that it charges from the bottom, which raises the question: Why does Apple Mouse charge from the bottom?

In this blog, we will explore the reasons behind this design choice, and what benefits it offers to users.



The Apple Mouse is designed to be a minimalist, sleek device, and charging from the bottom helps to maintain this aesthetic. By charging from the bottom, the mouse remains free of any visible charging ports or wires, providing a cleaner, more seamless look.


Charging from the bottom also helps to ensure that the mouse remains stable and balanced while it's charging. If the mouse were charged from the top or sides, it could become unbalanced and topple over, potentially causing damage.


The Apple Mouse uses a rechargeable battery that is not user-replaceable. Charging from the bottom allows the battery to be recharged without the need to remove it from the mouse, which could compromise the mouse's design or cause damage.


Charging from the bottom also makes it more convenient for users. The charging cable can be hidden from view when the mouse is in use, and the mouse can be charged without the need to turn it off or disconnect it from the computer.


In conclusion, the decision to charge the Apple Mouse from the bottom is a design choice made by Apple to create a sleek, minimalist, and user-friendly product. Charging from the bottom offers several benefits, including aesthetics, stability, battery management, and convenience.


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