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Your Guide to the Best Smart Projectors for Gaming and Entertainment in 2024

Choosing the Perfect Smart Projector for Gaming and Entertainment in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

In the realm of home entertainment, projectors have evolved significantly, offering unique solutions for various use cases.

This guide aims to simplify the process of selecting the ideal smart projector that aligns with your needs, considering factors like technology, classification, resolution, and connectivity.

Classification of Projectors: The core technology powering projectors lies in the light source.

While lamp-based projectors have diminished, modern ones use LEDs for enhanced lifespan, color accuracy, and brightness.

Projectors vary in size based on resolution and brightness, with some featuring integrated batteries for outdoor use.

Long-throw projectors project large images at a distance, while short-throw projectors achieve the same with minimal distance.

Resolution and Connectivity: Resolution is a crucial consideration, with options ranging from budget-friendly 720p/1080p to high-end 4K projectors.

Some projectors offer a fast 120Hz refresh rate, ideal for gaming. Native app support is also a key feature, with modern projectors equipped with Android OS for seamless access to streaming platforms. Here are top picks for 2024:

  1. BenQ MH560:

  • Resolution: 1080p

  • Price: Rs 59,990

  • Screen Size: Up to 200 inches

  • Features: Low input lag (16 ms), 3800 ANSI peak brightness, 2 HDMI ports, built-in 10W speaker.

  1. LG PH30N CineBeam:

  • Resolution: 720p

  • Price: Rs 35,990

  • Battery Life: Up to 2 hours

  • Features: Integrated battery, 100,000:1 contrast ratio, compact design.

  1. Zebronics PIXAPLAY 18:

  • Resolution: 1080p

  • Price: Rs 19,999

  • Features: Android OS, screen mirroring, Netflix and Prime Video support.

  1. Optoma UHD50X True 4K UHD Projector:

  • Resolution: True 4K UHD

  • Price: Rs 2,39,999

  • Features: 240Hz refresh rate, ideal for gaming, compatible with PS5, Xbox Series X/S, or PC.

  1. Viewsonic X1000-4K:

  • Resolution: 4K

  • Price: Rs 2,29,000

  • Features: Short-throw design, integrated soundbar, smart streaming technology, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support.


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