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Cinebench can now test GPU power

Cinebench 2024 Update: A Milestone in Performance Benchmarking

Cinebench, the renowned benchmark test embraced by PC enthusiasts for evaluating CPU performance, has undergone a substantial transformation.

Maxon, the developer behind Cinebench, introduces Cinebench 2024, a game-changing update that ushers in GPU benchmarking, marking the first such inclusion in over a decade.

Key Features of Cinebench 2024:

1. GPU Benchmarking Returns:

  • For the first time in ten years, Cinebench reintroduces GPU benchmarking, catering to the evolving landscape of computing and creative applications.

2. Expanded Platform Support:

  • Cinebench 2024 embraces a wider range of platforms, supporting all major operating systems and architectures. This includes x86/64 on Windows and macOS, Arm64 on Apple Silicon, and Snapdragon Compute on Windows.

3. Enhanced User Interface:

  • The update boasts a fresh user interface, designed for improved user experience and clarity.

4. Increased Memory Usage:

  • Cinebench 2024 allows for greater memory usage, making it suitable for handling more extensive projects and accurately reflecting modern creative application complexities.

5. Relevance and Accuracy:

  • As computing evolves, Cinebench 2024 brings a six-fold increase in computational effort, ensuring relevance and precision in assessing contemporary devices.

Using Cinebench 2024:

To experience the enhanced capabilities of Cinebench 2024, you can download it directly from the official Maxon website. It is important to note that Cinebench 2024 scores should not be compared to those from its predecessor, R23.

Furthermore, while GPU benchmark scores provide valuable insights, practical performance evaluation for your specific needs remains the ultimate test.

Stay up-to-date with the ever-changing world of performance benchmarking with Cinebench 2024, now available for download. Assess your device's capabilities and harness the power of informed decision-making in the realm of computing and creative applications.


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