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Corsair’s first standing desk is designed for gaming, streaming, and more

Corsair's Platform:6 - The Ultimate Modular Standing Desk for Gamers and Creators

Corsair, known for its gaming peripherals and hardware, is stepping into the realm of office furniture with the launch of its groundbreaking Corsair Platform:6.

Explore its adjustable height, spacious design, and customizable accessories. Coming soon in Q4.

This innovative standing desk is poised to cater to both hardcore gamers and creative professionals, offering a host of features and accessories designed to enhance your workspace.

The Corsair Platform:6 boasts a motorized adjustable height feature, a common sight in standing desks, allowing users to easily switch between sitting and standing positions with the convenience of preset height adjustments.

However, what truly sets this desk apart is its modular rail system, designed to empower a diverse range of users, from remote workers to avid streamers, to create a workspace tailored to their unique requirements.

One of the standout features of the Platform:6 is its online configurator, which enables customers to select and personalize the desk's accessories according to their preferences. Corsair also plans to offer bundled packages, including a specialized "Creator Edition" of the desk.

While the full list of included features and optional add-ons is not yet fully detailed, the Platform:6 does come with certain standard amenities.

These include a cable management tray to keep cords organized, USB Type-A and Type-C charging ports for convenience, and dual monitor arms for a multi-screen setup. The desk itself boasts a generous 6-foot width, providing ample room for work and play.

As for the optional accessories, Corsair has teased the availability of hanging pegboards, ideal for storing game controllers, headphones, or streaming equipment. Multi-mount accessories will also be supported, catering to streamers with attachments for cameras, microphones, or ring lights.

The "Creator Edition" of the Platform:6 takes customization to the next level with motorized height adjustment, allowing users to save preferred height presets for effortless transitions.

Additionally, side extensions measuring 30 x 70cm can be added to expand the desk's width, offering even more workspace.

Corsair is set to provide adapters for Elgato's range of Multi-Mount accessories, making it easier to attach cameras, lights, and microphones, which is especially valuable for content creators and streamers.

In summary, the Corsair Platform:6 redefines the concept of gaming and creative workstations. It offers an array of features tailored to the needs of modern streamers and professionals, surpassing the capabilities of many existing gaming-branded desks.

How much will the Corsair Platform:6 cost? No idea yet, but it likely won’t be cheap.

While pricing details are yet to be unveiled, you can expect to get your hands on this transformative desk sometime in Q4 of this year, although this level of innovation is unlikely to come without a reasonable price tag.


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