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Elon Musk's X App to Introduce Payment Features by 2024

Elon Musk Announces Payment Features for X App by Mid-2024: Crypto Integration Uncertain


Elon Musk, the visionary entrepreneur, is set to revamp X (formerly Twitter) into an all-encompassing platform by introducing payment features by mid-2024.


While Musk envisions X as an 'everything app,' he omitted any mention of cryptocurrency integration, despite it being a highly requested feature among the platform's crypto enthusiasts.


In an interview with ARK Invest's Cathie Wood, Musk revealed that the implementation of payment features awaits several license approvals, with a target release by mid-2024.

Musk acknowledged the delay in processing the required applications for X to function as a money transmitter.

However, the omission of any plans for crypto integration raises questions among users eager for such capabilities.


Musk, in response to a question from his GenAI initiative Grok, recently mentioned his minimal focus on digital assets.

This stance has triggered discussions on social media, especially considering Tesla, his electric vehicle company, still holds $148 million worth of BTC and accepts Dogecoin for select merchandise purchases.


Despite Musk's enthusiasm for cryptocurrency in various ventures, including The Boring Company allowing Dogecoin payments, his silence on integrating crypto with X's upcoming payment feature has left the crypto community speculating.


In the past, Musk proposed Dogecoin as a payment option for Twitter Blue services, but this did not materialize.

The crypto community remains uncertain about whether X will support crypto transactions as part of its upcoming payment features.


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