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FAQ! How much does Microsoft pay to Apple for Bing to be a search engine on iPhone.

Siri and Spotlight search with Bing by default, and there are rumors they’ll make Yahoo! or Bing the default search engine in Safari next.

For those of us who just think Google is the better search engine, all this deep integration of competing search engines is obnoxious.

Apple didn’t get paid. In fact it was Apple who asked Microsoft to use bing as their SIRI default search engine.

As much as Apple opposes Google, keep in mind that Bing is a Microsoft product. Apple and Microsoft have been competitors much longer, and Microsoft has more promise as a competitor than Google does

One of the reason for that is also that Android is developed by google so in every android handset the default method of search is google. Whereas in windows phones, the default search method is bing.

Apple not having any particular search engine of its own tried to make a balance between google and bing. Therefore it made google its default search engine in safari because people use google more than bing but in order to look non partial, they also integrated Siri with bing.

Also one major reason was that google actually stores your data whenever you search something in order to generate suitable ads for you but google asked more user data from Apple about the users searching via Siri, therefore in order to protect the user privacy Apple didn’t share the data and hence made bing a default search engine for Siri after collaborating with Microsoft on implementation of bing on Siri via spotlight.

Both Bing Images and Google Images are good enough for most users. You can’t go wrong with either one. But there’s one search engine that offers more features, a better design, and all-around superior results with less duplicates. And that should be Bing obviously

“We are absolutely committed to protecting our users’ privacy and have built privacy right into our products,” Apple told iMore. “For Spotlight Suggestions we minimize the amount of information sent to Apple. Apple doesn’t retain IP addresses from users’ devices. Spotlight blurs the location on the device so it never sends an exact location to Apple.

Spotlight doesn’t use a persistent identifier, so a user’s search history can’t be created by Apple or anyone else. Apple devices only use a temporary anonymous session ID for a 15-minute period before the ID is discarded.

“We also worked closely with Microsoft to protect our users’ privacy. Apple forwards only commonly searched terms and only city-level location information to Bing. Microsoft does not store search queries or receive users’ IP addresses.

“You can also easily opt out of Spotlight Suggestions, Bing or Location Services for Spotlight.”


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