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FedEx Subsidiary Closure Impacts 200 Jobs near Indianapolis Hub

In a significant development within the logistics sector, a subsidiary of FedEx is making headlines as it prepares to vacate an industrial space in close proximity to one of its major American hubs.

The subsidiary, FedEx Supply Chain, is set to shutter its operations at 5425 Exploration Drive in Indianapolis.

This move comes as a direct consequence of changes in one of the shipping giant's key customer relationships, impacting nearly 200 jobs in the process.


The impending closure of the Indianapolis facility has raised concerns, especially for the approximately 170 workers who are expected to be laid off.

This information was disclosed in accordance with the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN) notice submitted to the State of Indiana.

Additionally, details from a filing with the Texas Workforce Commission indicate that the facility located at 13550 Independence Parkway in Fort Worth will also see layoffs, scheduled for September 28th.

A spokesperson from FedEx has provided insights into the situation, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the facility closures.

The spokesperson stated,

"The FedEx customer that occupied space on Exploration Drive in Indianapolis will be transitioning its business to a new third-party logistics provider in a new location, and we expect this building to cease operations in September."

This proactive approach to communication is aimed at minimizing the impact on the affected team members.

The spokesperson further mentioned that affected team members were given prior notification of the impending changes and that the company is actively engaged in assisting them in finding alternative employment opportunities, including positions within other nearby FedEx facilities.

The facility located on Exploration Drive holds strategic significance, given its proximity to the Indianapolis International Airport, where FedEx maintains one of its largest hubs, covering an impressive 3 million square feet.

While this facility is second in size only to the FedEx World Hub situated in Memphis, its importance to the logistics network cannot be understated.

The consolidation of operations in such strategically located hubs is part of FedEx's broader plan, as outlined in its announcement earlier this year. The plan seeks to streamline operations and enhance efficiency across all of its operating companies.

The reason behind the layoffs and facility closures is attributed to a contract loss with a key business client. FedEx Supply Chain, a subsidiary of the FedEx Logistics operating company, has been providing logistics services for this business.

The subsidiary's parent company, FedEx Corp., has taken steps to transition its various operating companies, with a phased approach aimed at consolidating its operations for better cohesion and effectiveness.

In summary, the closure of FedEx Supply Chain's facility near the Indianapolis hub has ramifications not only for the subsidiary but also for the employees and the broader logistics landscape.

This development underscores the ever-evolving nature of the supply chain industry and the need for adaptation in the face of changing business dynamics.

As the affected individuals seek new opportunities and FedEx continues its operational consolidation, the logistics sector watches closely for the next strategic moves in this complex industry landscape.


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