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Google Initiates Deletion of Inactive Accounts

Starting December 1, Google is progressing with its initiative to remove Google accounts inactive for at least two years.

This policy, introduced in May, aims to mitigate security risks associated with older accounts that may use outdated security measures.


Google's statement highlights the vulnerability of such accounts to issues like phishing, hacking, and spam due to reliance on recycled passwords.

Why Google is Deleting Accounts:

Google updated its account policy earlier this year, stating its intent to delete inactive accounts to enhance security measures.

Commencement of Deletion:

The updated account policy is already in effect, with the deletion process set to commence on December 1.

Affected Google Accounts:

This policy applies exclusively to personal Google accounts and excludes accounts established through work, school, or other organizations.

What Google Will Erase:

Google will delete both the account and all associated data, spanning Google Workspace (Gmail, Docs, Drive, Meet, Calendar) and Google Photos.

Notification Process:

Users will receive multiple notifications before the account deletion begins, sent to the account email address and the recovery email if provided.

Criteria for Inactivity:

An account is deemed inactive if there has been no activity for over two years.


Preventing Deletion:

To prevent account deletion, users need to log in to their Google account or any Google service at least once every two years.

Exceptions to Deletion:

Certain activities exempt an account from deletion, including the use of the account for acquiring Google products, ongoing subscriptions, or active financial transactions.

Accounts overseeing active minor accounts through Family Link or used for acquiring digital items are also exempt.

Previous Inactive Account Policy:

In 2020, Google's policy involved content removal from unused accounts without deleting the accounts themselves. The updated approach represents a more stringent stance.


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