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Google's Duet AI Now Enhances Gmail, Docs, and More for $30/month

Google's Duet AI has made its way to Workspace apps like Gmail, Docs, and more, revolutionizing your productivity for just $30 a month.

Google's recent announcement brings Duet AI, a virtual assistant designed to streamline tasks and boost efficiency, to anyone using Google's Workspace apps.

Whether you're working with Gmail, Drive, Slides, Docs, or other Workspace tools, Duet AI is here to assist.

Initially unveiled at Google's I/O developer conference, Duet AI introduces a range of features aimed at enhancing your Google app experience.

You can rely on Duet to convert your Google Docs outline into an engaging presentation in Slides, create insightful charts from spreadsheet data, compose email responses, generate images, and even check your grammar.

Additionally, Duet simplifies tasks like document summarization and efficient content retrieval from Google Drive.

Duet AI offers more than just convenience; it adds a layer of privacy and security.

The Locked Folder feature acts as a secure vault for sensitive images and videos, providing password protection and ensuring these files remain hidden from prying eyes.

Google assures users that data backed up to the cloud is safeguarded with multiple layers of security, including HTTPS and encryption at rest.

While Duet AI promises to enhance your productivity, it comes at a price. Google charges $30 per user for access to Duet, primarily targeting larger organizations. Smaller teams can expect varied pricing, as Google finalizes its cost structure. This pricing aligns with Microsoft's Copilot, which offers similar AI-driven features across Office apps.

Despite its promising capabilities, the challenge for these AI tools lies in their reliance on imperfect AI models. Accuracy is critical when handling business-critical data, and users must exercise caution and verification when depending on AI for decision-making.

If you're a Workspace user, you can expect Duet to appear across the apps you frequently use. It's integrated into menus or accessible through icons, ensuring it's always within reach. Google's commitment to highlighting new features means you won't overlook Duet, even if you prefer to.

With Duet AI, Google aims to compete directly with Microsoft in the evolving landscape of comprehensive productivity tools. Both companies recognize the transformative potential of AI in reshaping work processes.

If Duet and Copilot can surpass the limitations of earlier AI assistants, we may be witnessing a significant shift in how we work.

Stay tuned for further updates, as Google continues to refine and expand Duet AI's offerings.

Update Aug. 29th, 8:30 AM: Pricing details for Duet AI have been added.

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Aug 30, 2023

Is this coming to Google for Education? As an educator, this would not only save me such precious time, but it would open up possibilities that aren't even things I can do right now. “Turn my lesson plan outline into a google slide presentation, but turn down the reading level to match an average 8th grader” or “make this one accessible for someone who has limited English” or even better: “turn this lesson plan into a bilingual version, with Spanish on one side of the slide, and English on the other”… this could literally transform education and open up possibilities and access to knowledge that were barriers for generations.

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