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Google Unveils Gemini AI: Next-Gen Language Model

Google Unveils Gemini AI: Next-Gen Language Model with Three Tiers

Google has recently introduced Gemini AI, its latest large language model (LLM), aimed at surpassing its predecessor in power and capability.

This new LLM comes in three variations: Nano, Pro, and Ultra, designed to cater to diverse user needs. Nano is built for quick on-device tasks, Pro functions as a versatile middle-tier, and Ultra stands as the most potent, undergoing safety checks for availability next year.


Google's three-tiered approach ensures users have access to the LLM that best fits their needs, whether for fast on-device tasks, versatile functionalities, or top-tier language processing power.

Availability and Integration with Bard

Gemini AI, starting with Gemini Nano, is now accessible on Pixel 8 Pro, introducing enhanced features such as summarization in the Recorder app and Smart Reply on Gboard, initially implemented in WhatsApp.

Gemini Pro is available for free within Bard, providing users with advanced text-based capabilities.

Google Gemini in Bard: Enhancing User Interaction

The integration of Gemini with Google's chatbot Bard brings a significant improvement in user interaction.

Gemini's advanced capabilities enable Bard to better understand user intent, leading to more accurate and high-quality responses.

Additionally, Gemini's multimodal processing allows Bard to seamlessly handle images, audio, and video alongside text, creating a more natural and engaging user experience.

How to Use Google Gemini in Bard

  • Visit Bard's Website: Navigate to the Bard website using your web browser.

  • Log In with Google Account: Sign in to Bard using your existing Google account credentials. Google requires an account for Bard access.

  • Enhanced Bard Experience: Once logged in, enjoy the advanced features of Gemini Pro within Bard, providing a more interactive and refined chat experience.

Limitations and Future Expectations

While Gemini Pro within Bard shows promising potential, it has limitations to consider. It's currently available only in English, restricting global accessibility. Geographical constraints exclude Gemini Pro from the European Union.

Additionally, at present, only the text-based version of Gemini Pro is accessible within Bard, with expectations for Google to enhance integration and refine AI capabilities in the future.


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