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Google Home app finally begins adding support for older Nest Cams

In a recent announcement from Google, it was revealed that the tech giant is gradually introducing support for older Nest Cams within the Google Home app.


The rollout begins with the first-generation Nest Cam Indoor, originally launched in 2015. While this feature is still in its testing phase, adventurous users can get a sneak peek by participating in the Public Preview program.

For owners of the first-gen Nest Cam Indoor, the long-awaited moment has arrived.

Google has initiated the deployment of camera management capabilities to this specific model through the Public Preview version of its Home app. The rollout is expected to take a few weeks to reach all users.

Prior to Google's acquisition of Nest, Nest cameras had their dedicated application. However, as Google expanded its smart home product portfolio, it integrated support for these devices into the Home app.

Unfortunately, users of the oldest Nest cameras were left with the original application as their sole means of managing these devices.

With this update, not only will users regain control of their older Nest Cams through the Google Home app, but they'll also have the convenience of adding the camera to their Favorites tab.

This means that the camera's live feed will be readily accessible upon opening the app.

Google had previously stated that the process of transferring old Nest cam models to the Home app would take around 10 minutes.

Once completed, users will no longer depend on the old application to access their camera's data and footage. This brings a unified app experience to a broader user base.

Those who successfully integrate their older Nest cameras into the Google Home app can manage these devices alongside their other smart products. Additionally, they can explore new features like camera history and the Favorites tab.

However, Google acknowledges that individual preferences vary. If you find that using your Nest Cam Indoor with the Home app doesn't meet your expectations, there's the option to revert to the Nest app.

The Nest app will continue to be available, ensuring that users have flexibility in their choice of camera management applications. As of now, there are no immediate changes to the Nest app's functionality.


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