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Google's "Heads Up" feature is here to remind you to stop using your phone while walking.

Google developed a tool called Heads up that alerts the users to stop staring at phone while walking.

A notification will appear on the screen to look up and it helps in managing the user's phone usage.

This is the latest wellbeing tool that help us to stop staring at phones and it also helps the users to focus on the surroundings while walking.

Android users will receive a notification telling them to stop looking at their mobile phones while walking, a leaked new tool suggests.

Screenshots of the app show a notification will appear on the screen of the phone, with a prompt to look up.

The feature is being tested in an update to the Digital Wellbeing app, tech blog XDA Developers reported.

“Get a reminder to focus on what’s around you,” the tool by Google’s Android says.

Heads Up

“Heads Up doesn’t replace paying attention,” screenshots from the new tool warn.

The shared screenshots are very similar to the ones that were dug by XDA's Mishaal Rahman that says "Watch your step with Heads Up". The setup screen briefs what the feature is about, i.e alerting you to stop using the phone while walking.

You can find the Heads Up feature inside the ‘Reduce Interruptions’ section of the Digital Wellbeing app.

Once you tap on it, it will brief you about the feature and once you tap on 'next', it will begin the setup process, which when enabled will send you a reminder as you use your phone while walking.

Although The feature is being rolled out only on Pixel phones for now.



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