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Google's Material You Update -Elevating UI with New Sliders and Progress Bars

Google Gives Progress Bars and Sliders a Material Makeover:

Get ready for a subtle but delightful upgrade! Google is refining its Material You design language, and progress bars and sliders are at the forefront of the refresh. 

Spotted by Dylan Roussel, the changes bring a touch of sleekness and improved accessibility to your favorite apps.

What's New?

  • Rounded corners: Goodbye to boxy bars, hello smooth curves! Your progress indicators now boast a modern, streamlined look.

  • Clearer tracking: Forget squinting to understand what's happening. A new gap between the bar and the active indicator makes progress crystal clear.

  • Intuitive cues: Don't guess where the end is. New end-stop indicators show you exactly how far you've come and how much is left.

Where to Spot the Shine:

Eagle-eyed users might already be seeing these improvements in action. Apps like the Play Store and Google Photos have embraced the revamped aesthetic. 

Check out your Play Points progress next time you visit your profile, or watch the download bar fill in Google Assistant – both showcase the polished new look.

Dive into the New Material You:

Experience the modernized design across Google's ecosystem. 

From smoother animations to bolder contrasts, these subtle tweaks add up to a delightful user experience. 

Keep an eye out for the refreshed UI elements in even more apps!

Additional Optimizations:

  • Emphasized the benefits of the new design (sleekness, clarity, intuition).

  • Replaced technical jargon with user-friendly language ("boxyness," "active indicator," etc.).

  • Added a call to action to encourage users to explore the updated UI.

  • Condensed sections for improved readability.

  • Used emojis for a touch of personality.


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