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Why do my apps keep crashing on Android, How to fix it?

One of the great things about Android is the vast number of apps and games available for download. There are millions of free apps spread across categories. While many apps may just be alternatives of a popular app, there are enough quality apps that cater to the needs of most people.

The same issue may also happen on the iPhone or iPad and sometimes apps may keep crashing on iPhone/iPad. But don’t worry, this guide will help you fix the Android apps keep crashing problem quickly. You will find the reasons as well as solutions here. Let’s take some minutes to read this How to guide and follow the steps.

Why Android Apps Keep Crashing?

Here are the main reasons why does an app keeps closing:

  1. Apps were installed or updated unproperly. You may just update your Android device software but fail to update and install the apps from the Google Play store.

  2. One reason could be low memory or a weak chipset. Apps can also crash if they are not coded properly. Sometimes the reason could also be the custom skin on your Android phone.

  3. Lack of storage space. There may be no enough storage space for apps to run, especially when you open a lot of apps at the same time.

  4. Poor network. Wi-Fi may not work on your Android phone and apps will work better if you have a good network connection.

Tip 1. Force Stop Crashed App

The easiest way to fix an app that keeps crashing on your Android smartphone is to simply force stop it and open it again.

  1. Go to “Settings” > Apps > Find the app that keeps crashing.

  2. Enter the information of the App, and tap on “Force Stop”.

  3. Then try to open the app again and see if it still crashes.

Tip 2. Restart Your Device

Another way to fix apps crashing on your phone is to simply restart the device. Restarting the device will kill and then restart the processes that are run by the system as well as other apps. Apart from this, it also clears the memory when you restart the device, which can helps.

You can always try to restart your device when you meet any device problem: Press and hold the “power” button and tap the “Restart” option.

It can help you close all the apps running in the background and make space for you to run the wanted apps.

Tip 3. Reinstall the App

You may have downloaded the app improperly, and all you need to do is to reinstall the app to fix the crashing problem:

Go to Settings > “Apps” or “Application manager” > Choose the app that crashes > Tap the “Uninstall” option to make it. Then you can go to Google Play Store to reinstall the app after a few minutes.

Tip 4. Clear App Data and Cache

If the first two steps don’t help, you can try clearing the app data. Go to Settings -> Apps and select the app and tap on ‘Clear data’ or ‘Clear storage’. This will delete all the data saved in the app and you will have to set it up once again.

Tip 5. Free Up Storage Space

To make enough room for the wanted apps, there are two options:

  1. Delete files from the device or move the files to SD card. You can remove some useless apps, old photos, videos, and songs to free up space.

  2. Or move unnecessary apps to SD card: go Settings > Apps or Application manager > select one app > choose Move to SD card option.

Tip 6. Check app permissions

Newer versions of Android allow you to deny permissions requested by apps. While apps should ideally work even when you deny permissions, some badly coded apps can simply refuse to run if you don’t grant them all the requested permissions.

While we recommend you find alternatives to such apps, sometimes it may not be possible. In such cases, you will have to check app permissions and grant the ones requested by the app. Go to Settings -> Apps and select the app. Now tap on ‘Permissions’ and grant the ones you had denied earlier.

Tip 7. Wipe Cache Partition

The Android apps crashing problem may happen if there is something wrong with the cache partition, which stores the App data and also other system files. To wipe the cache partition, you need to put your device into Android recovery mode.

The way of entering the Recovery Mode is various from different brands:

  • Samsung phones: Press and hold “Home”, “Power”, and “Volume down” buttons

  • HTC/Xiaomi/OnePlus/Apple: Press the Power and Volume down buttons

After you have entered the Recovery Mode, you can use the Volume button to choose “wipe cache partition” > choose “reboot system now” to restart your device.

Tip 8. Factory Reset

If all the above methods cannot help you fix the app keeps crashing on Android issue, you can take the last try here.

Factory resetting an Android phone will remove all the files and settings to give your device a fresh start. Just like New.. Please remember to backup your Android phone firstly:

Go to Settings > Backup and reset > Factory data reset > Reset device.

That’s all about how to fix the Android apps crashing problem. If you like this guide, please share it to help more people.


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