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iOS 17: Top 10 Coolest Features of the Latest iPhone Operating System

Apple has unveiled iOS 17, the latest update for iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and newer models. Dive into the 10 most exciting features of this major 2023 update for iPhones:

Image - Apple

  • Smart Display with Standby Mode: iOS 17 introduces Standby mode, transforming your iPhone into a smart display. It showcases the time, weather, and more, activating automatically when your iPhone is charging, locked, and placed horizontally. Customize clock faces, widgets, and more.

  • Enhanced Autocorrect: Typing on iPhones gets easier with smarter autocorrect. It suggests better word choices and allows you to revert underlined autocorrected words with a simple tap. Enjoy inline predictions while typing for seamless sentence completion.

  • Stickers in Messages: iOS 17 adds a stickers drawer to Messages, where you can store Live Stickers, emojis, and more, syncing them across all your devices. Access these stickers alongside emojis, including those from the App Store.

The update also allows you to add stickers to photos, documents, and screenshots using Markup and create animated Live Stickers from Live Photos.

  • Voice-Activated Siri: Say goodbye to "Hey Siri." iOS 17 lets you activate Siri by simply saying "Siri..." without the need for the introductory phrase.

  • Contact Posters: Personalize your call screen with Contact Posters. Customize backgrounds and contact names with different fonts and colors, giving your calls a unique touch.

  • Screen Distance Alert: iOS 17 introduces a "Screen Distance" setting that notifies users when their iPhone is too close to their face, promoting optimal viewing distance and reducing eye strain.

  • NameDrop: Sharing contact information and files with another iPhone or Apple Watch is now a breeze with NameDrop. Simply hold your devices close, and they'll do the rest, eliminating the need for manual entry.

  • Check-In Feature: Keep your friends and family informed of your safe arrival at a destination with the Check-In feature. Your contacts receive updates on your device's location, battery level, and cell service status if you're delayed.

  • Enhanced Messages: Messages receive several updates, including a catch-up arrow, swipe-to-reply, improved search filters, quick access to frequently shared items, transcribed audio messages, and location sharing within conversations.

Image - Apple

  • State of Mind: The Health app now includes a "State of Mind" feature that tracks emotions, helping users monitor their mental health and well-being.

iOS 17 brings a wealth of new features and improvements, enhancing the iPhone user experience. Stay updated and explore these exciting additions on your compatible device.


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