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iPhone 15 Pro Max Hands-On: Lights, Camera, and the Action Button

Apple's iPhone 15 event today showcased not only the latest technology but also a deep commitment to environmental responsibility.

Apple's "Apple 2030" vision for carbon neutrality was a central theme, highlighting the company's dedication to reducing its carbon footprint.

Interestingly, while Apple emphasized sustainability, it also introduced new iPhone models with enticing features, aiming to capture consumers' attention and encourage them to invest in these devices.

One notable change this year is Apple's compliance with EU regulations. These regulations mandate that all new devices produced by the end of the following year must support USB-C charging.

While this is a positive move towards standardization and universal compatibility, it might require users who don't already have a compatible cable to purchase a new charger.

Apart from the USB-C transition, the iPhone 15 Pro Max introduces a zooming lens through a tetraprism system. Additionally, it features an "Action button" that replaces the traditional slider switch on the side.

On the base models of the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus, Apple bids farewell to the iconic notch and welcomes the "Dynamic Island." These changes signal a departure from the past, with the hope of offering improved user experiences.

The most intriguing feature among these changes is the "Action button," a customizable button that can be programmed to perform various tasks. While its default function is switching between Silent and Ring modes, users can personalize it to initiate actions like starting a voice recording, opening the camera, or switching focus modes.

One interesting aspect of the Action button is that, except for the default mode, users must long-press it to activate their chosen shortcut.

A simple press prompts an on-screen indicator instructing users to hold it down, with the Dynamic Island changing to reflect the selected action. While long-pressing might seem cumbersome at first, it minimizes the chances of accidental activations.

During a brief hands-on experience, I had the opportunity to test the new zoom lens on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Compared to the previous model, the images taken from the newer phone at maximum 25x zoom appeared closer, brighter, and clearer.

However, a comprehensive evaluation will require real-world side-by-side comparisons under controlled conditions.

Several other improvements, such as the performance of the new A17 Pro processor, the second-generation ultra-wideband (UWB) chip, and battery life, were not assessable during the demo.

Nevertheless, I did witness the smoothness of hardware-accelerated ray tracing in action as an Apple staff member demonstrated Diablo IV.

The introduction of USB-C is accompanied by a new titanium material, offering a brushed metal finish to the iPhone 15 Pro series. Notably, the Pro Max model felt noticeably lighter than its predecessor. This change addresses concerns about the previous model's weight.

Apple is also transitioning from leather to a new material called FineWoven, which aims to reduce its environmental impact. FineWoven cases have a slightly furry texture, reminiscent of suede. While the material may evolve over time, this shift reflects Apple's commitment to sustainability.

The iPhone 15 series, available in a variety of new colors, brings additional updates. It boasts 48-megapixel main cameras with support for 24-MP default resolution pictures, and it replaces the traditional notch with a pill-shaped Dynamic Island cutout, introduced last year.

These changes, combined with contoured edges, brighter screens, and the removal of the notch, breathe new life into the handsets, offering a substantial upgrade from the previous models.

While my time at the demo area provided only a glimpse of the iPhone 15 lineup, it's clear that Apple is pushing boundaries in technology and sustainability. For a comprehensive overview of this year's innovations, explore our in-depth article outlining all the updates.


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