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Keyword search is finally coming to Threads

Meta's Threads Introduces Search Feature, Revolutionizing Social Conversations

We’ve heard it from the head man himself. Search — ACTUAL SEARCH — is finally coming to Threads.

Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed the long-awaited addition of a search feature to Threads, enhancing the social media platform's capabilities.

When Instagram launched Threads in early July, it included a Search tab in the app. Initially, users utilized this tab to find people they were following on Twitter and connect with them on Threads.

However, attempts to search for topics or hashtags yielded no results. Currently, the search function only allows users to search for accounts on the platform, limiting their ability to explore keywords or engage in broader discussions.

The introduction of the search feature is expected to bolster Threads' user base. While the app experienced significant growth upon its July 5th launch, subsequent visits have declined by as much as 79%, according to internet traffic provider Similarweb.

App tracking firm Sensor Tower attributes this decline to Threads' failure to offer standard microblogging features, such as direct messaging and an extensive explore/discover page. The absence of these elements may have contributed to challenges in user adoption and retention.

The addition of a full-text search feature is considered crucial for Threads to compete with, or potentially surpass, Twitter as the preferred platform for public conversations, especially during real-time events.

While Threads lacks certain features like a TweetDeck equivalent, enabling post searches is a vital step. This key feature has the potential to reengage users who initially flocked to the platform but later drifted away.

Meta has been proactive in enhancing Threads, recently introducing a full web version and a chronological feed of posts. It's possible that additional user-requested functions will follow suit.


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