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Laptop Buying Tips (In Short)

Well We also have made detailed laptop buying guide:

But these one it’s just the short tips which we think you guys should know!

  1. Don’t fall for the i7 or i5 trap. Unless you know you do, you don’t need an i7 or i5 processor. And especially don’t buy a laptop with an i7 processor for under 800$ – they’re either old or crap.

  2. You need an SSD. It’s 2017 – you don’t want to use one of those old, slow mechanical HDDs anymore. SSDs make everything significantly faster. They’re the single most important thing to speed up a computer in 99% of the use cases.

  3. Get as much RAM as possible if you’re buying a laptop where you can’t upgrade the RAM later (like a MacBook). Laptops with 16GB RAM will still be perfectly usable in five years, while a laptop with only 8 might struggle in a couple of years. But you can upgrade your RAM with most laptops, so don’t worry about that if you’re buying any regular laptop from Lenovo, Dell, Asus and the likes.

  4. Take care when you want a DVD/Blu-Ray drive. Many (most?) laptops don’t have them anymore. So better look twice if your desired model comes with an optical drive.

  5. Don’t buy a laptop for gaming unless you really need a portable computer for gaming.


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