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OpenAI Delays GPT Store Launch to 2024 Amidst Recent Turmoil

OpenAI, amidst recent tumultuous events, had ambitious plans to launch the GPT Store this month.

The GPT Store was envisioned as a marketplace for custom GPTs created by users on the ChatGPT AI platform.


Users were expected to earn money based on the popularity of their GPT creations.

However, plans have taken a turn, and OpenAI has confirmed through an email to GPT builder tool subscribers that the GPT Store launch has been postponed.

The email specifies, "we are now planning to launch the GPT Store early next year," signaling a release date in early 2024.

While users have already been active in crafting various GPTs, the store's availability is deferred to the coming year.

The ChatGPT team assured users of ongoing enhancements to the custom GPT platform's functionality.


The email also hinted at unexpected challenges, possibly related to the recent upheaval involving the removal and subsequent return of Sam Altman as CEO.

His initial departure to join Microsoft and subsequent return following employee backlash likely contributed to the delays.

The GPT Store, when eventually launched, is poised to propel the AI industry forward, providing users with the opportunity to create and sell their unique GPTs.

Share your thoughts on the GPT Store's delay. Are you anticipating the prospect of earning through GPTs in this new feature? Let us know in the comments.


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