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Google sets its Pixel 8 launch event for October 4th

Google Accidentally Leaks Pixel 8 Pro Photo: Did Apple's iPhone 15 Announcement Spur the Slip?

In a surprising move, Google (perhaps accidentally) revealed an image of the Pixel 8 Pro just within 24 hours of Apple's iPhone 15 launch announcement. This unexpected leak was spotted by Android Setting, a Twitter user, on the Google Store platform.

The anticipation is building as Google is set to unveil its latest Pixel devices in a little over a month. The company has begun sending out invitations for an in-person launch event scheduled for Wednesday, October 4th, at 10AM ET in the vibrant setting of New York City.

Interestingly, these invites come just one day after Apple extended invitations to the media and the public to witness its iPhone 15 hardware reveal on September 12th, marking a busy season for tech enthusiasts.

The unintentional disclosure on the Google Store last night inadvertently confirmed key details about the design and camera layout of the Pixel 8 Pro. However, there's still much more to uncover.

Expect revelations about the complete Pixel 8 lineup and the highly anticipated Pixel Watch.

While speculations continue about updates to the Pixel Buds A-Series and Pixel Buds Pro, it's worth noting that the recently launched Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet are not yet due for a refresh.

Google has since posted an advertisement for the upcoming event, playfully depicting the Pixel and iPhone enjoying a "spa day."

Within the ad is a link to the Google Store, where interested users can sign up for updates as soon as they become available.

Rest assured, whatever Google has in store for its announcement, we will be here to provide you with real-time coverage.


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