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Exclusive Deal: PlayStation 5 Owners Get 6 Months of Free Apple Music

Apple and Sony Collaboration: PlayStation 5 Owners Get 6 Months of Free Apple Music

In a strategic collaboration between Apple and Sony, PlayStation 5 users can now enjoy an extended free trial of Apple Music for up to 6 months.

Apple, aiming to bolster the presence of Apple Music on PlayStation, is providing this exclusive offer to all Sony PlayStation 5 owners.

While Apple typically offers a one-month free trial of Apple Music, PlayStation 5 owners can now extend this trial for an additional five months, resulting in a complimentary Apple Music subscription for 6 months for new users.

Essentially, this promotion combines Apple's standard 1-month trial with an extra five months offered by PlayStation.

Even if you've previously utilized the 1-month trial, you can still access a free Apple Music subscription for 5 months.

To avail of this offer, PS5 owners must redeem it by November 15, 2024.

The redemption process is exclusive to the PS5 console, but once claimed, users can enjoy the free Apple Music service on any compatible device as long as they sign in with the same account.

According to PlayStation, users can seamlessly stream any song on Apple Music in the background while playing games.

Initiating Apple Music streaming during gaming is as simple as pressing the PS button on the controller, opening the Music pane, and playing a track.

Moreover, PlayStation 5 will suggest songs relevant to the game being played.

How to Get Free Apple Music on PS5:

  1. Download the Apple Music app on your PlayStation 5 console.

  2. Open the Apple Music app and sign in with your existing Apple ID or create a new Apple ID if needed.

  3. The free Apple Music subscription offer will be available to eligible customers. Claim it and enjoy up to 6 months of Apple Music at no extra cost.

In case of any issues during the redemption process, it is recommended to contact Apple Support.

After the free trial period, a monthly charge of $10.99 will be applied to the payment method on file. For additional terms and conditions, refer to the official Apple Music-PlayStation offer webpage.

Please note that the offer is not applicable to Apple One subscribers or those already subscribed to Apple Music. Explore the best PS5 SSDs to enhance your PlayStation 5 performance.



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