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RBI MPC Meeting Live Updates: Repo Rate Unchanged, GDP Growth Projections, and More

RBI MPC Meeting Updates: Key Decisions and Insights

Stay tuned for the latest updates from the RBI Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting, where crucial decisions on the repo rate and economic projections are being unveiled.


The MPC has unanimously chosen to keep the key policy repo rate steady at 6.5%, marking the fifth consecutive meeting without a change. Here are the highlights:

Key Highlights:

Repo Rate Unchanged: The MPC maintains the repo rate at 6.5%, signaling stability in monetary policy.

GDP Growth Projection: The GDP growth is projected at 7% for FY24, with detailed quarterly breakdowns.

CPI Inflation Outlook: CPI inflation is projected at 5.4% for FY24, with specific figures for each quarter.

Liquidity Management: RBI introduces measures, allowing the reversal of liquidity facilities under SDF and MSF even on weekends.

UPI Limit Revision: UPI transaction limit to hospitals and educational institutions increased from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 lakh.

Live Updates:

10:32 AM: RBI proposes to establish a cloud facility for Financial Institutions (FIs) in India.

10:31 AM: UPI transaction limit for hospitals and educational institutions increased to Rs 5 lakh.

10:29 AM: RBI plans to set up a framework for web aggregation of loan products for enhanced customer centricity.

10:28 AM: RBI Governor, Shaktikanta Das, expresses confidence in meeting external financial requirements.

10:28 AM: Forex reserves stand at $604 billion as of December 1.

For more detailed updates, follow the live blog for real-time information on the RBI MPC meeting outcomes.


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