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Tesla's $25,000 Model 2 Expected to Debut in 2024

Tesla enthusiasts, mark your calendars for 2024! The much-anticipated $25,000 Model 2 from Elon Musk's electric vehicle empire is reportedly on the horizon.

According to TSLA analysts at Loup Ventures, Tesla is expected to unveil the Model 2 in 2024.

The analysts, in their 2022 Predictions letter, suggest that Tesla's strategic timing aligns with the broader automotive market dynamics.

"Tesla will wait until 2024 to announce Model 2," Loup Ventures stated. Their rationale? Timing matters, and introducing a lower-priced car too early could potentially impact the sales of the Model 3.

This prudent approach coincides with the possibility of a broader auto recession.

Moreover, it's anticipated that a preview of the Model 2 will surface early in 2024, with production slated to commence in mid-2025.

As for the Model 2 itself, it's likely to fall into the category of either a compact car or a subcompact vehicle, a popular choice in regions like Europe and Asia.

In related news, Tesla has exciting plans for the Chinese market. The company recently announced the forthcoming launch of the Model S and Model X in China, complete with pricing details set to be unveiled soon. Deliveries are expected to kick off in the first half of this year.

Stay tuned for more updates on Tesla's automotive innovations as the electric revolution continues to unfold.


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