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What are the Pros and Cons of using a MacBook?

Cost = Bomb. For some people, this bomb = dynamite.
Dude, what’s a boot camp?” question comes up in mind before you pickup the Windows disk.
..why does control-C and Control-V not work? And where the hell is the delete button. And Page-Up Page-Down?  Yeah, the keyboard takes some time to get used to.
Where is right click? Though a wonderful one, the trackpad too takes time to get used to!
Okay, No start button? And why are the maximize minimize buttons on the left? Also, why does maximize button work so weirdly? The UI is different and it certainly takes time to get habituated with.
One does not simply…Change the batteries.
One does not simply…sorry…One does not EVER change the RAM on the device. Or the Hard Disk for that matter.
There are not enough Thunderbolt devices. The Displays that make use of thunderbolt are also very costly.
Only 2 USB ports for a machine that costs INR 2 Lakhs(about $3500).
Windows software does not work(which is also good because Windows viruses do not work, but most people think that’s a disadvantage).
Anyone who does not like Apple will start calling you an idiot or a fanboy, or both.
No Gaming. Even if you install Windows on the MacBook, the hardware is not built for Gaming. So if you are crazy about gaming, MacBook is not great for you.

That being said, some Games do run on it. You should always check the heat being generated and the performance of the game when you run it. If either makes you uncomfortable, you should not play games on the Mac.

Image result for macbook pro

Image result for macbook pro

Now the benefits:

Cost = Justified. Apple justifies the cost once you start using it. Buying a computer that costs double and lasts double is not such a bad deal, you see!
You can still run Windows and Linux on it! So you have the best of all worlds on a Mac.
Once you get used to the keyboard and trackpad, things go too smooth to complain.
Apple support Centre's take care of almost everything most of the time.
Retina Display: You DO NOT get that display elsewhere. The color reproduction and contrast ratios are unmatched.
The speakers are awesome. If you do not want home-theatre grade sound, Mac will amaze you with the sound clarity.
Automatic brightness adjustment takes away the hassle of adjusting brightness every time you move and out of your room.
If you have an iPhone or an iPad, Mac is the best laptop to have.
This thing does not crash as often as anything else.
The hard disks in the newer machines are SSDs which are about 10-15 times better/faster than any other machine’s SSDs. The throughput on sequential read or write reaches up to 1 GBPS (1 GigaByte per second; its gigabyte, not gigabit).
Though a small one – they come with MagSafe charger's which make sure that if the wire is pulled too much, it does not pull the laptop away; instead it disconnects. Makes it safe for you as well as the laptop in case you trip over the wire.
Lovely Design: Whether you like to show off or just enjoy something great around you, Mac will not disappoint you. Though I like it more for what it is and do not think a laptop should be one, it remains a fact that Macs turn heads.
Ease of use: From installing software to running a development station on the machine – nothing gets easier than on OS X. Nothing gets easier.
Sturdy body: While the machine give you a feeling of being delicate when you touch it, it is quite sturdy. The thing is made of aluminum which can bend, but will not break. And the way machine is made, it would not break easily. That being said – please do not try running stress tests yourself. Look on YouTube for the videos.
The horse of a long race: With time, most people start feeling like their computer is getting slow, the hardware is getting outdated. All because the OS goes on to suck more and more.

It gets bloated. In most cases, Apple will not release an OS which makes the OS feel bloated just because of the upgrade (of course there are cases when this hasn’t been true).

It also depends on what you have loaded you Mac with. If it’s just too much, no upgrade will magically speed up your machine but I know people who are using Yosemite with a MacBook they bought 6 years ago.

So when you buy a MacBook, you can be sure that with good care and maintenance, it will be with you for 4-5 years. That is longer than most laptops. People usually change the machine in 3 years. With that arithmetic alone, MacBook is cheaper in the long run!

High Quality Apps: There are not as many apps for the Mac as for Windows, perhaps. But there is hardly anything that there is not an App for. The great thing being – most of the apps you get for the Mac are complete in themselves.

They are simple, stable, good looking and in some cases – pricey. However, there are always free counterparts for them as well. And of course, there are apps for everything you would want to do with a computer.

That’s all that comes to mind for now. I will add if there is anything that comes to mind (for either sides).


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