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What is Microsoft Hololens?

Mixed reality on HoloLens combines an untethered device with apps and solutions that help people across your business learn, communicate, and collaborate more effectively.

It’s the culmination of breakthroughs in hardware design, artificial intelligence (AI), and mixed reality development from Microsoft, designed to help you lead your industry into the future.

Microsoft HoloLens is a virtual reality headset with transparent lenses for an augmented reality experience.

Developer wearing HoloLens 2 headset modifying hologram

According to Microsoft, HoloLens is a “fully untethered, see-through holographic computer.” HoloLens allows users to experience 3D holographic images as though they are a part of their environment.

This level of immersion enables new forms of computing in which the user’s desktop could be the living room. You might stream Netflix on a wall or build a Minecraft castle on your coffee table, as high resolution holograms.

HoloLens packs more processing power than many notebooks with a “Cherry Trail” Intel Atom processor.

The hardware features 3D spatialized sound, Wifi, Kinect like camera with a 120 degree spatial sensing system, a fleet of gyroscopes and accelerometers and a transparent screen for each eye, all combined in a lightweight, mobile and cool wearable system.

Along with its CPU and GPU the unit features a new first: a holographic processing unit (HPU) that is responsible for the processing that integrates real world and holographic data.

Healthcare worker wearing HoloLens 2 headset looks at hologram of the C3 vertebra

Microsoft is hoping HoloLens will be used in design, data analysis, medical imaging, standard computing and gaming. The company also expects that the device could inspire entirely new augmented reality experiences. 

Can you buy Microsoft HoloLens?

Anyone (with $3,000) can now buy Microsoft HoloLens. Microsoft is opening up sales of its HoloLens augmented reality headset. … While Microsoft is still positioning HoloLens as purely for developers, sales are effectively open to anyone.

How does Microsoft HoloLens work?

The Hololens is Microsoft’s take on augmented reality, which they call “mixed reality”. Using multiple sensors, advanced optics, and holographic processing that melds seamlessly with its environment, These holograms can be used to display information, blend with the real world, or even simulate a virtual world.

What is Microsoft HoloLens used for?

Microsoft Visual Studio is an IDE that can be used to develop applications (both 2D and 3D) for HoloLens.


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