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WhatsApp iOS Update: Choose Your Theme Accent

WhatsApp's Upcoming Features: Choose Your Theme Accent and Edit Stickers!

WhatsApp is gearing up for exciting updates on its iOS version, currently in the testing phase. Here's a sneak peek into what users can expect:

  1. Customizable Theme Accents: WhatsApp is set to introduce a feature allowing users to choose a theme accent for the app on iOS. Soon, you'll be able to pick from five different colour accents, including WhatsApp's iconic green, blue, off-white, pink, and purple. This customization will apply to various UI elements, giving your WhatsApp a personal touch.

  2. Sticker Editor Feature: In the latest WhatsApp beta for iOS (version, a new sticker editor feature is being rolled out. Beta testers can now edit existing stickers and even create their own within the app.

These updates are currently in the testing phase and will likely be available to all users in future releases.


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