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WhatsApp’s new ‘Status’ feature rolling out to all users:Here’s how to ensure priv

With the launch of a new ‘Status’ feature for everybody, Whatsapp has become more than just a messaging app. Here’s how to ensure security and privacy on the social media application.

With the launch of a new ‘Status’ feature for everybody, Whatsapp has become more than just a messaging app. Its features are very similar to features found on other social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. This is a followup to the original Status idea, which the app makers had envisioned in the messaging service. When WhatsApp first came into existence, the makers were so obsessed with the Status feature, that texting was not even a part of the app. Back in 2009, users could only update their status, that is, if they are available or busy. Now, WhatsApp’s all new Status tool will let you share photos, videos and animated GIFs with other users. WhatsApp’s Status posts will also be providing options to edit with texts, emojis and finger drawings. WhatsApp will let its users send the status posts to all or multiple specific users. You can also control you ‘privacy setting’, which means that you can control who can or cannot view your status updates. There is a menu on the top right, which says ‘Status Privacy’ where you can select options from ‘my contacts except’ to ‘only share with’.


This feature has been a part of Snapchat and later on Instagram, yet it is a refreshing change on WhatsApp since earlier it was primarily just a messaging app. In order to use the WhatsApp’s Status feature, you need to download the latest update of the messaging app. You can do so by going to Google Play store and type ‘WhatsApp’ and then click on ‘Update’ button. Once updated, open the app and you will see a new tab present between ‘Chats’ and ‘Calls’ tabs. It is called as ‘Status’. Similar to Snapchat, users will be able to see their own ‘Status’ updates and below that updates from other people in the contact list. Users will also get the option to choose from a strip containing pictures and videos from their smartphones. Users can just click a new picture or hold the camera button for a video in order to update the status. Users can also click on the Status tab and check the number of people who have viewed the ‘update’.


You can also delete or forward your ‘Status’ update. Meanwhile, the update will stay for a maximum of 24 hours and then self-destruct. Additionally, like on Instagram, you can also swipe up on a friend’s status update in order to reply to a particular video or picture.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp, in order to stay relevant, has been bringing some amazing new features in its messaging app. The Facebook-owned application has copied a feature which was once a part of Snapchat, but according to the former, it is just about meeting the consumer expectations. Facebook did a similar thing with Instagram, and it became a huge hit.

9 New Features Within The Update:

1) Call Back.

2) GIF Sharing Support.

3) GIF Search.

4) Video Calling.

5) Enhance images with doodles and emojis.

6) Optimized video-calling feature.

7) Support for 10 (Only For Indian languages).

8) Share 30 media files at once.

9) ‘Send’ messages even without internet.

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