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Why not to buy Mediatek Based Phones?? Qualcomm Vs Mediatek!

For years now, US-based Qualcomm has dominated the smartphone processors industry ruthlessly, with barely any worthwhile competition.

As time went by, however, its position started to diminish — first, it was Taiwanese MediaTek’s ever bolder advances in Asia, and now Samsung’s emergence as a viable alternative with its Exynos division. But it all started with MediaTek — a poor man’s Snapdragon in most people’s heads.

Suffices to say that MediaTek went in an entirely different direction from Qualcomm by chasing after emerging markets and entry-to-mid-range devices.

For a time, it was hard to justify a flagship with a MediaTek processor, but times changed — we now have quite potent MT chips that are capable enough to run through most any task problem-free. They usually don’t score quite as well as the highest of high-ends from Qualcomm in some tests, but MediaTek keeps on cracking at it, and results have already followed and are likely to keep on flowing. This has led to an increase in the chipmaker’s share, and the adoption of its wares even by major manufacturers such as HTC, Sony, and LG, and rumors have it that the company is angling for the likes of Samsung too. A plethora of emerging Chinese manufacturers also make use of its silicon.

Qualcomm & MediaTek are companies which manufacture the motherboards for phones. The motherboard contains all the components pre-embedded when received from the company.

Both are very good at their work with the development in their chipsets and newest possible implementations and great innovation. Qualcomm & MediaTek are two major players in the smartphone market.

Qualcomm on Nomenclature:

Has its chipset lineup with name Snapdragon. It categorise its lineup of chipset better than MediaTek, namely Snapdragon series of 200, which is the cheapest lineup of Snapdragon with least possible features, Snapdragon 400 series which promises the rich basic functionalities at the cost of processing power, Snapdragon 600 Series which is aimed for mid ranged phones supports variety of features and a good taste of processing power and lastly the Snapdragon 800 Series which delivers the top notch performance for the high end class.

Qualcomm on Device Support:

It has been rumours but its clearly visible that the MediaTek Devices don’t the updates soon. However Qualcomm has always been up to the mark to provide latest Device Tree to support development of new Android OSs for its devices.

Qualcomm on Development:

Qualcomm has its own Hexagon DSPs which has always been better than MediaTek’s.

Qualcomm has its own lineup of Adreno GPUs which provide competitive performance against other players.

MediaTek on Nomenclature:

Has quite clumsy way of Nomenclature formally used as MTXXXX. However it names its devices according to the numbers where the numbers represent the performance of the chip. So, a MT6592 would be slower than MT6795.

MediaTek on Development:

  1. MediaTek is the first SoC company to support a 120Hz Display which looks amazing great.

  2. MediaTek has developed a way to smooth the videos playing at lower framerates, which makes the videos look much soothing than before.

  3. MediaTek provides its development much cheaper than Qualcomm

  4. MediaTek has its own Core controlling technology named as CorePilot which is significantly better than Snapdragon’s and provide better thermal & power management.


Both the companies are good at what they are doing and this fight can be compared to AMD vs Intel. However, they will remain to stay in the market and no one knows who would rule the coming decade. For the time, We feel Qualcomm is a better choice but it heavily depends on the manufacturing company to optimize the software the device.


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