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YouTube uses AI to summarize videos in the latest test.

YouTube is currently undergoing a new testing phase that involves utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to auto-generate video summaries.

This innovative approach aims to provide viewers with concise overviews of video content, facilitating their decision-making process when selecting what to watch.

However, this trial is limited in scope, available only for a select number of English-language videos and viewers, and does not replace the existing human-written video descriptions.

These AI-generated video summaries are being displayed on both YouTube's watch and search pages. The primary objective is to offer a brief glimpse into a video's content without rendering the manually crafted descriptions obsolete.

Despite the benefits of this novel approach, it remains unclear how users will be able to distinguish between a summary created by a fellow user and one generated by AI, as no screenshots or visual cues have been shared as part of the experiment's details.

It is noteworthy that AI-powered YouTube video summarizer tools already exist, such as,, and Scrivvy, among others.

However, these tools have encountered limitations in effectively summarizing longer videos, as highlighted by feedback from content creators. The Reddit community, for instance, has expressed concerns about AI summaries providing inaccurate or nonsensical overviews, thereby potentially diminishing their usefulness.

Some YouTube creators have found that AI-generated summaries often produce results that are far from coherent.

For example, one Reddit user shared their experience with, indicating that the tool mostly replicated the initial lines from their video description, leading to an outcome that served little practical purpose.

The recent developments also underscore the fact that YouTube often invites users to participate in experiments through its platform, although certain tests might require a subscription to YouTube Premium.

As with any experimental feature, it remains to be seen how well the AI-generated summaries will be received and whether they will eventually contribute to enhancing the overall user experience on the platform.

This experiment prompts intriguing questions about its potential impact on YouTube creators. Will AI summaries eventually assist creators in composing effective video summaries, or will they continue to rely on their manual descriptions?

Given that YouTube's content ecosystem is intricately influenced by policy changes and new features, creators are often tasked with navigating the balance between catering to human audiences and aligning with Google's AI-driven recommendation algorithm.

As this experiment unfolds and its outcomes become more apparent, the dynamics between creators, viewers, and AI on YouTube will likely evolve.

With YouTube's ongoing commitment to enhancing user experiences and staying at the forefront of technological advancements, the platform's content landscape may witness significant shifts in the near future.

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YouTube has been experimenting with the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to auto-generate video summaries. This feature aims to provide viewers with a concise overview of the content in a video, making it easier for them to decide whether to watch the full video. Instead, youtube packs are increasingly being used to promote videos on YouTube, more information here:

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