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YouTube Reportedly Testing Online Games for Mobile and Desktop

Updated: Nov 29, 2023


YouTube is reportedly testing online games for mobile and desktop, according to a recent report.

This is not the first time that YouTube has ventured into gaming, as the platform has previously launched YouTube Gaming and has been streaming live gaming events for years.

However, this new move towards online games could be a game-changer for both YouTube and the gaming industry as a whole.

Users will be able to play them on the YouTube website using a web browser or on the app, whether on an Android or an iOS phone.

While the report insinuates that there are currently several games available for testing, it only mentioned Stack Bounce in particular. It's an ad-supported arcade game that gets players to smash layers of bricks with a bouncing ball.

As the publication notes, YouTube already earns money from gaming live streams, but this product will give it another way to generate revenue from the industry in the midst of a decline in advertising spending.

The Potential Impact of YouTube's Online Games

YouTube's online games could have a significant impact on the gaming industry. Firstly, it could provide a new platform for game developers to showcase their games and reach a wider audience.

YouTube's massive user base makes it an attractive platform for game developers, especially those who are looking for a new way to promote their games.

Secondly, YouTube's online games could potentially compete with other gaming platforms, such as Steam and the Epic Games Store. This could be a significant threat to these platforms, as YouTube already has a massive user base and a well-established brand.

Thirdly, YouTube's online games could provide a new revenue stream for the platform. While YouTube already generates revenue from advertising, this new move towards online games could open up new opportunities for the platform to monetize its gaming content.

YouTube already has a massive audience regularly visiting the site, so getting eyes on the new product wouldn't be a problem.

Playables are perhaps more akin to Netflix's gaming product that gives its paying users access to casual games on mobile.

Netflix has big ambitions for its gaming initiative, as well, and is reportedly working on an expansion that goes beyond mobile devices by testing TV games that use phones as controllers.

The Challenges of YouTube's Online Games

Despite the potential benefits, YouTube's online games also face some significant challenges.

Firstly, the platform will need to ensure that its online games are high-quality and bug-free. If YouTube's games are buggy and unreliable, it could turn users away from the platform.

Secondly, YouTube will need to compete with other established gaming platforms, such as Steam and the Epic Games Store. These platforms have already established a loyal user base, and it may be challenging for YouTube to break into this market.

Finally, YouTube's online games will need to comply with various regulations and laws, such as data protection and gambling laws. These regulations could limit the types of games that YouTube can offer and could also create additional costs for the platform.


YouTube's move towards online games is an exciting development for both the platform and the gaming industry as a whole.

While there are challenges to overcome, the potential benefits of this move are significant.

If YouTube can successfully launch its online games, it could provide a new platform for game developers to showcase their games, compete with other gaming platforms, and create a new revenue stream for the platform.

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Aug 21, 2023

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