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Joshua Gibbs - Gearlogy 


GameStop has decided to exit the NFT space, announcing the closure of its NFT marketplace on February 2nd.


The company cited the ongoing regulatory uncertainties within the cryptocurrency space as the primary reason for this strategic move, echoing a similar rationale provided when shutting down its crypto wallet in the previous year.

The NFT marketplace, which had been operational for just a year and a half, faced challenges amid a backdrop of increasing scrutiny from the SEC.


The regulatory body demonstrated a heightened interest in the crypto sector throughout 2023, culminating in its first enforcement action against an unregistered security associated with an NFT project in August.


This regulatory landscape contributed to GameStop's decision to withdraw from the NFT market.

By Pooja Kapoor - Gearlogy


Is Apple stepping up its game in the gaming industry? In a recent conversation with IGN, Apple executives, including Taylor Lyles, shed light on the gaming capabilities of the iPhone 15 Pro.


While Apple maintains a confident stance, with one executive boldly claiming that the phone will become "the best game console," the company's growing interest in gaming is hard to ignore.

Beyond marketing the iPhone 15 Pro as a gaming haven, Apple is actively exploring innovations in the realm of Mac gaming.


While skepticism surrounds the iPhone 15 Pro's potential to claim the title of "the best game console," Apple's commitment to fostering an environment for developers to craft exceptional games for its platforms is commendable.

Dive into Apple's evolving dedication to gaming and its mission to elevate the Mac gaming experience.

Source: [IGN](link to the original article)

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Star Trek: Discovery takes a sinister turn in its ultimate season—both figuratively and literally. This is especially evident in a recently unveiled clip from the fifth and final season, shared by Paramount Plus during Brazil’s CCXP 2023.

In a scene cloaked in near-total darkness, Captain Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Book (David Ajala) find themselves navigating through what appears to be the depths of night.

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