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FAQ! Do you cover your webcam on your laptop?

These are just some reasons why it is safe to do so.



Some hackers collect compromising pictures of Internet users with the aim of blackmailing them by the threat of exposing the concerned pictures to their emails and social networks contacts.

For example, a hacker may take explicit and compromising pictures of someone without their consent. Then they may blackmail them by demanding a large sum of money to prevent the picture from possibly going viral. However, this has been done to scare many; however, it is best to stay on the safe side.


On the deep web, men’s webcams are sold between $ 0.25 and women’s webcams are sold for $25

Pedophilic Behavior:

A 2011 FBI’s reports indicates that nearly a million pedophiles were identified using elaborated hacking skills to prey on their victims.


Several reported cases relate of individuals spying on their partners through webcams to confirm their doubts on unfaithful behaviors, such as adultery.

Industrial Espionage:

Companies suffer heavy losses related to computer breaches. According to NY Times, they would have increased by 29% to an average cost of $450,000 in 2010.

Private Organizations:

In a global information-seeking context, multinationals tend to infringe on our privacy rights. As an example, the electronic giant Samsung uses integrated camera and microphone of their smart TVs to collect information on the consumption habits of their customers.

Nations across the globe:

According to some NGOs, states and nations are getting to be more and more intrusive into the private lives of their citizens, mainly as a result of the 9/11 terror attacks in order to prevent subsequent attacks.

Although these things may not happen to you, it is always best to be safe than sorry. That being said, I would highly recommend covering the webcam of your laptop.

Why not?

Do you really want to risk your privacy when the solution to prevent any invasions would be a single piece of bright yellow masking tape?


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