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Meta Removes Fake Accounts Targeting US Military and Activists

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has revealed the takedown of a network of fake accounts posing as US military families and anti-war activists.

The accounts, originating from China, targeted US audiences with posts discussing military themes and criticizing US foreign policy towards Taiwan, Israel, and Ukraine.

In its latest report on coordinated inauthentic behavior (CIB), Meta disclosed the removal of 33 Facebook accounts, four Instagram profiles, six Facebook pages, and six groups associated with the fake network.

These accounts also operated on YouTube and Medium, sharing content including an online petition purportedly written by Americans criticizing US support for Taiwan.

Ben Nimmo, Meta’s global threat intelligence lead, highlighted the increasing prevalence of Chinese-originated influence operations, with Meta having taken down 10 CIB networks from China since 2017, six of which occurred within the last year alone.

Despite efforts to spread their message, the latest network had limited impact, reaching only approximately 3,000 Facebook accounts with the associated Instagram pages having no followers upon discovery.

However, Meta warns of continued attempts ahead of the 2024 election, emphasizing the potential co-optation of real individuals, such as politicians and influencers, to amplify misinformation.

Their report underscores the importance of caution, particularly among reputable opinion-makers, in sharing information from unverified sources, especially in the context of major elections.


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