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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Highlights

Don’t Worry.. This Particular Post is Not another boring review.. 

..By this time most of you guys, Have watched videos read reviews and also bought Galaxy Note 8. Here’s Some Quick Highlights!!

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What is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

If you’re after a big phone, with big phone features then the Note 8 is really the only choice currently. Thankfully, it’s a fantastic device that ticks nearly every box.

Some thought the Note 8 might never happen. After the successful launch and subsequent disastrous recall and discontinuation of the Note 7, which still gets namechecked on some airlines as a banned object, you’d have forgiven Samsung for dropping the Note name and starting again.

There are now two cameras on the back, a first for a Samsung flagship smartphone (the new S9 Plus has it too). … Over the S8 Plus, the Note 8 also benefits power users with 6GB or RAM a superior dual-lens camera, both features passed on to the S9 Plus. This is the most powerful Samsung phone with a stylus yet.



  1.  Stunning design and build.

  2.  Great screen.

  3.  Well-implemented stylus and software.

  4.  Superb cameras.


  1.  Average battery life.

  2.  Wildly expensive.

  3. 6.3-inch ‘Infinity Display’ redefines the Note look and feel,

  4. But it’s 9mm taller than any Note phone – it’s the new big

  5. Water-resistant up to 1.5m (5ft) for 30 minutes

  6. The best color, Deep Sea Blue, only just launched in the US

The Good: The Galaxy Note 8 tops Samsung’s already excellent S8 and S8 Plus with dual cameras and a boatload of stylus tricks. It’s the most feature-rich Android phone you can buy.

The Bad: An expensive phone, the Note 8 has more features than most people will need. Samsung’s portrait mode can be finicky. The poorly placed fingerprint reader repeats the Galaxy S8’s worst design flaw.

To keep the Note 8 safe, Samsung has:

  1. Instituted an eight-point battery safety check.

  2. Reduced battery size and capacity from 3,500mAh to 3,300mAh to leave more room in the phone’s cavity.

  3. Partnered with UL, an independent certification organization, to endorse the Note 8.

  4. The Note 8 maximizes Samsung’s dual curved edge and nearly bezel-less Infinity Display to the point where this phone feels like a mini tablet from the future. It’s impressive-looking, but also big and heavy – 9mm taller than any previous Note phone, and 195g.


The S Pen can:

  1. Erase mistakes when you press the S Pen button (very convenient, except when you accidentally press it)

  2. Create two types of notes, which is especially confusing for novices; seems pointless

  3. Add a quick note from the Air Command navigation wheel, can minimize this to turn into an icon that floats around the screen. (You can also add a quick note by pressing the S Pen button and double-tapping the display)

  4. Write on the screen

  5. Take a screenshot of a small portion, not the whole screen (this keeps you from having  to crop to the part you want)

  6. Annotate everything from images to screenshots

  7. Hover to preview and share or edit images and surface hidden menus

  8. Design: More squared-off corners than the Galaxy S8 phones

  9. 8-megapixel front-facing camera

  10. S Pen is water-resistant, too (we tested the IP68 rating by submerging the Note 8 in a bucket of water twice for almost 30 minutes, the maximum rated threshold)

  11. Bixby Voice button calls up Samsung’s digital assistant; you can’t reprogram this,

  12. You can launch two apps for split-screen mode at once (called App Pair)

  13. Edge screen is like a speed dial for your favorite apps and people

  14. Translate complete sentences (not just one word at a time); this uses Google Translate.

  15. Samsung Pay mobile payment works with NFC and any credit card reader; it’s pretty great,

  16. Google Assistant on board.

  17. Make an animated GIF from a video.

  18. Launch the camera by double-pressing the power button

OIS on both rear lenses helps keeps videos smoother than they otherwise would be when you’re walking, jogging and driving a car.

Galaxy Note 5: If you’re rocking a Note 5, it’s time for an upgrade. Feel confident buying the Note 8. You’ll love the improved speed, sleek shape, doubled S Pen sensitivity and fun new stylus tricks.

Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus: The Note 8 is the Galaxy S8 with the S Pen and a second camera. Really, that’s it. The Note 8’s screen is only one-tenth of an inch larger than the Plus (6.3-inch versus 6.2), and the core hardware is exactly the same. If you want to save some cash, are iffy on the S Pen and can live with a single camera, the S8 Plus is your no-brainer choice. Save more by buying the slightly smaller S8 (a 5.8-inch screen).

Oneplus 5: They share a top-of-the-line processor and portrait mode. The Note 8 overpowers the OnePlus 5 with wireless charging, water resistance and of course, the S Pen. If those things don’t matter much to you, consider the 5.5-inch OnePlus 5.

The Bottom Line The Galaxy Note 8 retakes the throne as the ultimate Android phone for now, but some intense competition is just over the horizon.


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