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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Revolution of Artificial Intelligence will more impactful than the invention of Personal Computers, Internet, Smartphone or any other invention that is ever created by humans.

As we all know there is only one reason behind all the that was ever made by human hands were to automate the tedious and repeated task and to live better and easy life than yesterday.

We create vehicles because it was too hard and painful for us to ride on animals and also not everyone can afford it. We create Bulb because it’s too much pain for us to live in darkness, and these reasons are the same in every innovation.

We did it because we need it!!!

Same when we create computers we want to automate the logical tasks like performing the same calculations which takes our too much time, for creating and storing data, or for manipulating it, etc.

As time goes computers became much and much powerful and smart, but still they can do only that task which is told them to do. They cannot perform the task based on their own logic and understanding and that is when Artificial Intelligence comes into the picture.

The idea was very revolutionary that “to create the machine that is intelligent enough to perform any task that human intelligence can perform.”

Planning, Thinking, Learning, Understanding, Knowledge representation, Problem Solving, etc.

How old is the concept of Artificial Intelligence?

The dream of artificial intelligence was first thought of in Indian Philosophies like those of Charvaka, a famous philosophy tradition dating back to 1500 BCE and surviving documents around 600 BCE - (According to Wikipedia).

The seed of modern AI was planted by some classical philosophers in 1940s. But the main boom and gear up were given to this idea by our tech giants Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, etc. If they didn’t put their focus on AI then still the idea of AI would become just some research ideas.

John McCarthy

Marvin Minsky

Marvin Minsky and John McCarthy are considered as the father of Artificial Intelligence. They define the basic principals of Artificial Intelligence.

What are the uses of Artificial Intelligence?

Today Artificial Intelligence is used everywhere and many of us also use it quite a lot in our day to day life. Some of them are …

  • Amazon recommends you what should you buy next online.

  • Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri they all use AI to understand and perform what you say.

  • Google Photos use to recognize faces and objects in photos.

  • Gmail uses AI based mail system to recognize and filter spam emails.

  • Today many smartphones use AI based cameras to improve your photos.

  • Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are used AI to detect and remove malicious content on their platforms.

  • Gmail and Google Message use AI to understand your conversion and then predict smart replies.

Above are just examples of narrow AI, but still, AI is empowering our life and the future and implementation are endless…

Siri (Smart Assistant by Apple)


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