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Google’s Nearby Share for Windows app is now officially available

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Google announced today that its Nearby Share app for Windows PCs is now officially available. Nearby Share makes it easier to share files across your phones, tablets,

Chromebooks, and more devices. A PC version of the app has been in beta since March 2023 and is now officially available.

Google says its Nearby Share app for Windows PCs is now officially available. A PC version of the app, which makes it a cinch to share files between devices like Android phones and Chromebooks, has been in beta for a few months, but it's now ready for prime time.

Google has added some new features to Nearby Share for Windows as it officially rolls out the app. You'll now see an estimated time for how long it will take to complete a file transfer.

Device notifications will include an image preview to help you make sure you're sharing the correct file. Google plans to add more features and it's working with some PC manufacturers, including HP, to include the app on their systems.

“To make sharing between Android devices and PCs even more seamless, we’re working with partners like HP to include the Nearby Share app on select Windows PCs, such as the HP Dragonfly Pro,”

Google wrote in a blog post. “We’ll continue to work on Nearby Share for Windows, adding new functionality and listening to your feedback.”

To use Nearby Share for Windows, you'll need to enable your PC's WiFi and Bluetooth functions. Once your set-up, you just need to drag a file into the app or right-click it and select the Nearby Share option to send it to a nearby device.

If you're logged into the same Google account on your PC and your Android phone (or tablet or Chromebook), transfers will automatically be accepted on the receiving device.

Either way, devices that you're transferring files between have to be within 16 feet of each other. There are device visibility settings to help prevent spam and unwanted file transfers.


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