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Samsung Ends Cell Phone Repair Program with Geek Squad Amidst Complaints and Confusion

Samsung phone owners looking for repair services now have fewer options. Best Buy has reportedly ended its Samsung repair program, leaving many customers and employees in the lurch.

Details of the Termination

According to multiple reports, including a Reddit thread and a detailed article by The Verge, Samsung terminated its cell phone repair program with Geek Squad with very little notice or information.

Employee Reactions on Reddit

  • One Reddit user mentioned, "Samsung...terminated their cell phone repair program with Geek Squad the other day with very little notice or information."

  • Another user responded, "Oh shit i thought that was just our store," indicating a widespread impact.

Scheduling and Component Issues

  • Best Buy has ceased online scheduling for Samsung repairs.

  • Geek Squad employees have started returning Samsung components.

  • One employee expressed relief, citing difficulties in obtaining Samsung parts and long wait times for clients.

Current Alternatives for Samsung Repairs

Service Locator Update

We checked the Samsung Service Locator, which no longer lists Best Buy locations. Instead, it now shows:

  • UBreakIFix locations

  • Battery Plus locations

Best Buy's Samsung Service Page

Best Buy's Samsung service webpage appears to be down, indicating a discontinuation of the service.

Statements from Samsung and Best Buy

Both Samsung and Best Buy provided statements to The Verge, suggesting that their relationship is not entirely severed. However, their comments were somewhat vague, leaving the future of their collaboration uncertain.

Recent Developments in Samsung's Repair Partnerships

iFixit Ends Partnership with Samsung

Less than two weeks ago, iFixit also ended its official repair partnership with Samsung. Effective June 17, iFixit will no longer provide Samsung repair parts and guides. The decision was partly due to iFixit's belief that Samsung does not support customer repairs "at scale."

Implications for Samsung Customers

Limited Repair Options

With the termination of the Geek Squad program and iFixit's partnership, Samsung customers now have fewer repair options. They will need to rely on UBreakIFix, Battery Plus, or other authorized repair centers.

Potential Inconvenience

Customers may experience longer wait times and potentially higher costs due to limited repair locations and parts availability.

Best Buy's Recent Changes

Geek Squad Layoffs and AI Customer Support

In early April, Best Buy laid off a significant number of Geek Squad employees. Shortly after, Best Buy announced it would introduce an AI-powered "self-service" customer support option in late summer, which could impact the availability of in-person support.

The sudden termination of Samsung's repair program with Geek Squad adds to the challenges Samsung customers face in getting their devices fixed. As the company navigates these changes, customers will need to explore alternative repair options and stay informed about the evolving repair landscape.


Alex Johnson is a seasoned tech writer with over 15 years of experience in the industry. His expertise lies in covering the latest developments in consumer technology, with a keen eye on innovative and sustainable tech solutions.


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