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How to Check Your Apple Watch Battery Health

Apple Watch Battery Woes Understanding the Decline and Solutions

The Apple Watch stands as the world's top-selling watch, celebrated for more than just its features.

However, as time goes on, many users find their watch battery life dwindling. This isn't uncommon, as extended use naturally leads to battery degradation.

watch battery

Over the years, the capacity to maintain peak performance and sustain a charge diminishes, resulting in a noticeable decline in battery life.

Reasons Behind Reduced Apple Watch Battery Life:

Determining whether the Apple Watch's battery is solely responsible for the decline requires considering usage patterns.

Factors like continuous heart rate monitoring, constant LTE connectivity, frequent SpO2 measurements, and an always-on display contribute to a faster depletion of battery life.

Users employing these features extensively will naturally experience shorter battery life.

Checking Apple Watch Battery Health:

To assess the health of your Apple Watch battery, Apple provides a Battery Health feature akin to the iPhone. Follow these steps:

Press the Crown on your Apple Watch to access the App launcher, then navigate to Settings → Battery → Battery Health.

The displayed battery percentage serves as an indicator of battery health.

Interpreting Battery Health:

According to Apple, if the battery health is above 80%, it's considered satisfactory.

A reading below 80% signals significant depreciation, raising concerns about the battery's capabilities.

Apple's Solution for Depreciated Battery Health:

If you discover that your Apple Watch Battery Health has dipped below the 80% threshold, Apple recommends reaching out to customer support.

On the official support page, Apple outlines that users have the option to repair or replace the battery, with the caveat that such services aren't covered under warranty.

This implies potential costs associated with repairs or battery replacement.

This comprehensive guide empowers Apple Watch users to diagnose and address declining battery health issues effectively.


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