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10 Must-Have Features for macOS 15: Bridging the Gap Between macOS and iOS

Apple's macOS is a sleek and efficient operating system, but there's always room for improvement.

As we anticipate the announcement of macOS 15 at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), here are ten features we hope to see, some borrowed from iOS and others entirely new.

Anticipating macOS 15: What We Know So Far

With the spotlight on AI and iOS 18, the WWDC keynote on June 10 is also expected to unveil the latest version of macOS.

While the official name remains a mystery, the excitement for potential new features continues to build. Based on trends and user demands, here are our top feature requests for macOS 15.

Desired Features for macOS 15

1. Dynamic Island on MacBooks

Borrowing from the iPhone 14 Pro, a Dynamic Island feature on MacBooks could provide compact, non-intrusive notifications, utilizing the space around the MacBook’s notch more effectively.

2. iPhone Notifications on macOS Desktop

Integrating iPhone notifications directly into macOS would streamline the user experience, especially for critical apps like banking and financial services. Microsoft’s Phone Link already offers this on Windows, setting a precedent for Apple to follow.

3. Face ID for Mac

While Touch ID is great, Face ID would offer an even more seamless and secure login experience. Future Mac hardware with advanced cameras could make this a reality.

4. Built-in Icon Management for the Menu Bar

Managing menu bar icons on smaller MacBook screens is challenging. A built-in utility to handle this efficiently would eliminate the need for unreliable third-party solutions.

5. Built-in Clipboard-History Utility

A clipboard-history utility, similar to Windows’ feature accessed via WinKey + V, would significantly enhance productivity by allowing users to access multiple copied items.

6. One-Click Silence-Everything Button

A single-click option to silence all notifications during crucial moments would provide peace of mind, surpassing the current multi-step Do Not Disturb mode.

7. Direct Printing from Screenshot Previews

Streamlining the process of printing screenshots directly from their preview without saving them first would save time and effort, especially for frequent tasks like printing puzzles or articles.

8. Customizable Finder Folder Icons

An option to change the default blue color of Finder folder icons within the Desktop settings would allow for better personalization and visual organization.

9. Improved System Settings Panels

Restoring menu bar options to their respective feature panels (like Sound and Time Machine) within System Settings would enhance usability and reduce confusion.

10. Enhanced Keyboard Functionality

Allowing more actions to be performed directly from the keyboard, akin to Windows' Alt menu shortcuts, would improve efficiency and accessibility for power users.

Speculative Features and Potential Surprises

While these are our top requests, Apple often surprises us with features we didn't know we needed. A desktop version of the iOS Health app is highly anticipated, and macOS 15 might just bring it to fruition.

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While macOS remains a powerful and elegant operating system, these enhancements could take user experience to the next level. Whether Apple will introduce these features in macOS 15 remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: the anticipation is high, and the potential is immense.

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Alex Johnson is a seasoned tech writer with over 15 years of experience in the industry. His expertise lies in covering the latest developments in consumer technology, with a keen eye on Apple's innovations.


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