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Transform Your Framework Laptop's Mainboard into a Mini PC with Cooler Master's New Case

Want to give your old Framework laptop mainboard a new life or create a mini PC from scratch? Thanks to a collaboration between Framework and Cooler Master, you can now achieve both.

Debuted at Computex 2024, the Cooler Master Framework Mainboard Case provides a sleek, practical solution to repurpose your Framework laptop components into a standalone device.

Overview of the Collaboration

Framework, known for its modular and repairable laptops, has teamed up with Cooler Master to create a specialized case for its 13-inch laptop mainboards. This collaboration emphasizes sustainability by enabling users to repurpose their old hardware efficiently.

How Does the Cooler Master Framework Case Work?

Modular Design and Components

The Framework laptop's modular design allows the mainboard to function as a standalone computer. To get it up and running, you'll need:

  • USB-C power and storage

  • Networking adapter

  • Display

Case Specifications

The Cooler Master case is compact and robust, measuring 11.7 by 5.2 by 0.59 inches. Made from ABS plastic and clear polycarbonate, it offers both protection and a showcase for your hardware. The case includes:

  • A stand and 100mm VESA mount

  • Ventilation cutouts aligned with the mainboard's cooling fan

  • Integrated power button for easy boot-up

  • Four slots for Framework's expansion card system, allowing customizable and hot-swappable ports

Connectivity and Expansion Options

The case supports various connectivity options, including slots for:

  • External Wi-Fi antenna bracket and cutout

  • Ethernet expansion card for RJ-45 LAN connection

(Note: The Wi-Fi module is not included and must be supplied by the user.)

Benefits of the Cooler Master Framework Case

Sustainable Tech Solution

This case promotes sustainability by enabling the reuse of old Framework mainboards, reducing electronic waste. It's an affordable way to repurpose existing hardware into a second device.

Versatile and User-Friendly Design

The case’s design ensures easy setup and operation, with options to lay it flat, prop it up, hang it on a wall, or hide it behind a monitor. The push-button lock system for expansion cards enhances usability, making it a convenient option for both tech enthusiasts and everyday users.


Priced at just $39, the Cooler Master Framework Mainboard Case is an economical choice for converting old hardware into a functional mini PC, offering great value for its price.

Hands-On Experience and Practicality

During our hands-on experience at Computex 2024, the case impressed us with its ease of use and the seamless conversion process from a laptop mainboard to a mini PC. While DIY enthusiasts can 3D print their own cases using Framework's freely available specs, Cooler Master’s solution provides a polished, hassle-free alternative.

Ready to transform your Framework mainboard into a mini PC? Visit Cooler Master's website to get your case for just $39 and start your sustainable tech journey today.

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The Cooler Master Framework Mainboard Case is a brilliant innovation that aligns with Framework’s vision of sustainable, reusable technology. Whether you're repurposing old hardware or building a mini PC from scratch, this case offers an efficient and affordable solution.

Alex Johnson is a seasoned tech writer with over 15 years of experience in the industry. His expertise lies in covering the latest developments in consumer technology, with a keen eye on innovative and sustainable tech solutions.


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