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Apple's Most Affordable Apple Pencil with USB-C Charging Available for Order

Apple has made its new entry-level Apple Pencil available for order, introducing an affordable stylus option for its users.

Priced at $79, this Apple Pencil offers a compelling set of features, including tilt sensitivity and the convenience of magnetic attachment to the side of an iPad.

To charge the device, simply slide the cap at the end to reveal the USB-C port.

However, the lower cost comes with some trade-offs. Unlike its pricier counterparts, the third-generation Apple Pencil lacks certain features such as pressure sensitivity, which is available in both the first and second-generation models.

It also doesn't offer wireless pairing and charging when magnetically attached to an iPad, a feature found in the second-generation model.

For a comprehensive feature comparison, you can visit Apple's official website.

Despite being Apple's most economical Pencil, this new model may still be considered relatively pricey for some users.

There are third-party styluses with similar capabilities available on platforms like Amazon for around $20, and many of them have received positive reviews.

While they may be from lesser-known brands, their quality can be surprisingly good.

According to Apple's website, orders placed for the new Apple Pencil will be delivered between November 3rd and November 7th.

An in-store pickup is also an option, with availability starting on November 8th.

While the introduction of this stylus is a positive development, Apple fans are eagerly awaiting upgrades to the iPad lineup, which may not occur until next year.

Update (November 1st, 1:50PM ET): Additional details about alternative stylus options on Amazon have been included.


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