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Apple Releases iOS 17 Fix to Address iPhone Overheating Issues

If you're an iPhone 15 user experiencing overheating issues, here's some good news:

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Apple has released iOS 17.0.3 to resolve this problem. The update brings not only crucial bug fixes and security updates but also tackles the overheating issue head-on.

The Overheating Problem

Apple had partially attributed the overheating problem to an iOS 17 bug. Additionally, some third-party apps, including Uber, Instagram, and Asphalt 9, were found to contribute to the issue by overloading the system.

Apple has been collaborating with these app developers to address the problem collectively.

The company said that background activity, an iOS 17 bug and third-party apps are causing the problem, Forbes reported over the weekend.

One thing definitely not causing the problem is the titanium frame — Apple told MacRumors that the design actually provides better heat dissipation than previous models with stainless steel frames.

Updating Your iPhone

To prevent your iPhone from running hotter than desired, it's advisable to update to iOS 17.0.3. Your device may be set to automatically update during downtime while charging. However, you can manually update your iPhone by following these steps:

  1. Go to "Settings" on your iPhone.

  2. Select "General."

  3. Scroll down and tap "About."

  4. Choose "Software Update."

If iOS 17.0.3 is available for your device (Apple typically rolls out updates gradually), you can install it promptly.

This update should help keep your iPhone at an optimal temperature and resolve any overheating concerns.

The company also said that the issue was not directly related to its A17 Pro chip, and that the upcoming fix will not degrade performance in any way.


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