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Apple's iOS 18: The Arrival of Generative AI Features in 2024

Rumors are swirling that Apple is gearing up to introduce generative AI features with the upcoming iOS 18, expected to hit the scene in late 2024.

According to analyst Jeff Pu, the tech giant is making significant strides in AI development, particularly in generative AI for the iPhone.

A note recently uncovered by MacRumors also reveals that Apple's ambitions extend to building hundreds of AI servers this year, with even grander plans for the following year.

These servers will seamlessly blend cloud-based AI and "edge AI," a process that handles data right on the device. Prior reports indicate that Apple is investing substantial resources daily to train its large-language models (LLM).

These models, as reported by The Information, are poised to empower the Siri team to create intricate shortcut integrations that are more accessible than ever.

While much of this investment centers around enhancing the AppleCare customer experience, the language models are expected to find broader applications.

Deep within Apple's R&D, there exists a formidable generative AI tool aptly named "AppleGPT." Built upon Apple's proprietary large language model, "Ajax," this framework takes inspiration from Google JAX and is designed to push the boundaries of machine learning research.

AppleGPT excels at text summarization and question-answering, akin to prominent chatbots like Bard, ChatGPT, and Bing AI.

Apple's dedication to the AI realm is undeniable, with the company actively recruiting top talent in artificial intelligence, particularly in the generative AI domain.

Spearheaded by Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, and John Giannandrea, Senior Vice President of Machine Learning and AI, this effort signifies Apple's commitment to evolving user experiences.

While the specifics of Apple's chatbot venture remain shrouded in mystery, Bloomberg has hinted at a "significant AI-related announcement" on the horizon in the coming year.

However, Jeff Pu cautions that Apple is approaching generative AI cautiously, aligning with its core principles regarding user security and privacy.

In an investor call earlier this year, CEO Tim Cook recognized the vast potential of generative AI while emphasizing the need to address accompanying concerns.

Cook has consistently underscored the importance of industry self-regulation in the tech arena. With generative AI on the horizon, Apple is poised to redefine the future of AI-driven user experiences.


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