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Apple's Vision Pro: Face ID Precision Fit for Pre-Orders

Apple Introduces Face ID Scan for Precision Fit on Vision Pro Headset Pre-Orders

In a recent email to customers, Apple announced that starting January 19, customers pre-ordering the Vision Pro headset will need to perform a Face ID scan on their iPhone or iPad to ensure a precise band fit.

Deliveries for pre-orders will commence on the official launch date of February 2. The headset, priced at approximately $3,499, will be available for purchase on, the Apple Store app, and retail Apple Stores in the US.


Apple specified that the latest version of the Apple Store app is required for the face scan process.

Users who wear glasses will have the option to integrate optical inserts into the headset, eliminating the need for eyewear.

To obtain these inserts, provided by Apple's partner Zeiss at an additional cost, customers must share an updated official prescription document during the pre-order phase.


For those hesitant about committing to the Vision Pro, Apple reassures potential buyers that the headset will be available in stores for demonstrations on the launch date.

Unveiled at Apple’s WWDC 2023 keynote, the Vision Pro earned acclaim for its impressive 3D visuals during hands-on previews.

Beyond functioning as a VR screen and speaker system for entertainment, the headset is set to transform social interactions through its integration with Meta's gaming program, Horizon Worlds.


The Vision Pro aims to redefine modern social networking and online gaming by allowing users to freely explore virtual worlds.

Apple's vision for the headset as a spatial computer also opens up a realm of possibilities for developers to create innovative and compelling applications.


Note: The option to demo the Vision Pro in-store aligns with Apple's commitment to providing a hands-on experience for potential buyers.


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