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'Apple Watch X' will reportedly feature a thinner casing and magnetic bands

Apple is gearing up for a significant overhaul of its mainline Apple Watch, with a major redesign in the pipeline.

However, eager fans might need to exercise some patience, as the new iteration, reportedly named the "Apple Watch X," is not expected to make its debut this year.

According to insights shared by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman in his Power On newsletter, Apple is diligently working on the Apple Watch X, which is anticipated to arrive in either late 2024 or even extend into 2025.

The upcoming smartwatch is garnering attention due to its array of innovative features. Gurman's sources suggest that the Apple Watch X will boast a slimmer chassis compared to its predecessors.

In a move that could enhance user experience, Apple is contemplating a shift to a magnetic mechanism for band attachment, potentially streamlining the process of changing bands and achieving a sleeker design.

One of the standout features of the Apple Watch X is expected to be a blood pressure sensor. This addition could mark a significant advancement in health monitoring capabilities, allowing users to track their blood pressure directly from their wrists.

This aligns with Apple's ongoing commitment to integrating health and wellness features into its wearable devices.

Moreover, rumors surrounding the Apple Watch X have also revolved around the adoption of a microLED screen.

This screen technology promises enhanced brightness and vibrant colors, but its incorporation has posed challenges due to its novelty and high cost.

If successfully implemented, the microLED screen could further elevate the visual experience of the smartwatch.

An interesting aspect of the redesign revolves around the watch band attachment mechanism.

Previous Apple Watches utilized a press-to-release locking mechanism, ensuring compatibility with a variety of bands across different generations. However, this design choice consumed valuable internal space.

Apple's shift to a magnetic mechanism, while potentially limiting backward compatibility with older bands, could pave the way for optimizing internal components, enhancing battery life, or introducing new functionalities.

Anticipating the launch of the Apple Watch X requires a degree of patience. The new smartwatch is not expected to debut in the immediate future. Instead, industry watchers are anticipating the unveiling of the Apple Watch Series 9, which is likely to coincide with the release of the iPhone 15 series of smartphones.

While the upcoming smartphones are set to showcase notable hardware upgrades, the smartwatches are predicted to introduce fresh chips, color options, and perhaps incremental improvements in features.

In conclusion, the anticipation surrounding the Apple Watch X speaks to Apple's ongoing dedication to innovation in the wearables segment.

With the promise of a slimmer design, blood pressure sensor, and microLED screen, the next-generation smartwatch is poised to enhance both style and functionality.

As Apple navigates the challenges of integrating cutting-edge technology, users can look forward to a potential transformation in their wrist-worn devices, redefining how they interact with health data and digital experiences.

As for this year, Gurman reiterates past claims that the Apple Watch Series 9 will get a faster processor for the first time since the Series 6 debut but will keep the same screen sizes it used last year, including for the 49mm Apple Watch Ultra. If that’s true, it could be an even more minor update for the “Series” watches than last year’s.


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