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Arm Holdings Restructures in China Lays Off Over 70 Software Engineers

Arm Holdings Restructures in China, Laying Off Over 70 Software Engineers

Arm Holdings, renowned for designing CPU cores used in chips, has undergone a restructuring in China resulting in the layoff of more than 70 software engineers.

Although Arm plans to relocate some roles outside China, approximately 15 affected staff members will be offered different positions focusing on China-related projects.

This move aligns with a broader trend in the semiconductor industry, where major chip makers like Qualcomm have trimmed global staffing levels due to the demand-hit downturn.

Arm clarified, "In order to ensure that the China Software Ecosystem can fully maximize the benefits of Arm performance and features, Arm is restructuring its China software engineering resources to focus on direct support for local developers," without specifying the exact number of eliminated positions.

The void left by these layoffs is being filled by contract software engineers who have previously contributed to projects spanning Arm’s global business.

Earlier this year, Arm's Chinese entity had already let go of over 100 employees, primarily from the research and development unit focusing on new chip technology for the local market.


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