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ChatGPT Experiences Major Outage, OpenAI Working on Fix

If you're experiencing issues with ChatGPT, you're not alone. Thousands of users reported problems with OpenAI's chatbot early Tuesday morning.

OpenAI has confirmed a "major outage" and has been working on a fix since approximately 3:20 a.m. ET, as indicated on ChatGPT's status page.

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Outage Details and User Reports

The outage was first noticed around 2:30 a.m. ET on Tuesday, when thousands of users began reporting issues on Downdetector, a platform that tracks user reports of website, app, and service outages.

Many users received "bad gateway" error messages while trying to access ChatGPT. OpenAI acknowledged the problem and provided an update at around 5 a.m. ET, stating they were working on a resolution.

Current Status

As of 6:30 a.m. ET Tuesday, some users have reported that ChatGPT is functioning normally on their web browsers. However, the outage's full impact and the timeline for a complete fix remain unclear.

Recent Performance Issues

This outage follows several recent performance issues for ChatGPT. Earlier this week, users experienced increased latency and problems with image-based chat prompts on mobile devices. OpenAI resolved these issues but not before they affected many users.

Past Outages

Two weeks ago, ChatGPT users experienced partial outages for four consecutive days, primarily due to problems with Microsoft's Bing API, which ChatGPT uses for internet searches. Last month, ChatGPT faced more service disruptions than any month since November of the previous year.

Ongoing Developments at OpenAI

Despite these setbacks, OpenAI continues to innovate and expand its offerings. Recently, ChatGPT launched its latest AI model, GPT-4o, and introduced ChatGPT for universities.

Additionally, OpenAI is rumored to be training its next GPT model and is expected to announce a partnership with Apple at the upcoming Worldwide Developer Conference.

Future Expectations

Users and stakeholders are keenly watching how OpenAI manages these outages and continues to develop its AI technologies. The anticipated partnership with Apple may bring significant advancements and new features to ChatGPT, further solidifying its position in the AI chatbot market.


While the current outage is causing inconvenience for many users, OpenAI's swift response and ongoing efforts to fix the issue reflect its commitment to maintaining ChatGPT's reliability and performance. As OpenAI continues to innovate and address these challenges, users can look forward to more stable and advanced AI-driven experiences.

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So many terribly worded emails going out right now...

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