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Evernote to Impose Limits on Free Accounts Starting 4th December

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

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Evernote has announced that, effective December 4th, both new and existing free users will face restrictions, limiting them to a maximum of only 50 notes and one notebook, as revealed in a recent blog post.

This change, initially under testing by Evernote, implies that free users with a substantial volume of notes may need to explore the purchase of one of Evernote’s other subscription plans or consider migrating to alternative note-taking platforms.

Existing users surpassing the designated 50 notes or one notebook limit will retain the ability to "view, edit, export, share, and delete existing notes and notebooks."

However, creating new notes or notebooks will necessitate the deletion of existing notes or notebooks to comply with the new restrictions. Further clarity regarding this has been sought from Evernote.

While Evernote asserts that these changes won't affect most users, stating, "the majority of our Free users fall below the threshold of fifty notes and one notebook," the alteration might significantly impact heavy users accustomed to Evernote's free version.

Presently, free users can store up to 100,000 notes and utilize 250 notebooks, making the upcoming limits a notable change.

These revisions follow Evernote's acquisition by Bending Spoons in 2022 and precede layoffs at the company earlier this year.

For individuals considering a transition away from Evernote, backing up your data is advisable.

Several similar apps, such as Notion, Joplin, and Zoho Notebook, offer direct ways to import Evernote files, simplifying the migration process.

Even if you opt not to switch, it's prudent to know how to export your data, ensuring an independent backup of your content.

A Comprehensive Guide to Exporting Your Evernote Data: Ensuring a Smooth Transition

While it's advisable not to panic, having a backup of your data is a smart move, especially if you're contemplating a switch.

If the idea of migrating to another app crosses your mind, fear not—many similar apps like Notion, Joplin, and Zoho Notebook provide straightforward ways to import Evernote files directly.

However, even if you have no plans to switch, knowing how to export your data is essential for an independent backup, just in case.

Exporting All Individual Notes: Overcoming the 100-Note Limit

Evernote segregates notes into separate notebooks, but in current versions (10 and up), exporting is limited to 100 notes at a time. Overcoming this limit involves a workaround:

  • Select Notes.

  • Click on Edit > Select All (Note: Only 100 notes are selected at a time).

  • Proceed to File > Export Notes...

  • Choose the export format (ENEX or HTML). HTML allows exporting to a single webpage or separate pages.

  • Decide on attributes to include/exclude.

  • Click Export.

For a comprehensive export, a legacy version of Evernote allows exporting all notes at once. The legacy version is available on the Internet Archive.

Exporting Notebooks: Maintaining Organization

Exporting notebook by notebook enables the export of all notes within each notebook while preserving organization:

  • In Evernote's left-hand menu, right-click on the desired notebook.

  • Click on Export notebook...

  • Choose the export format (ENEX or HTML).

  • Optionally split large files.

  • Decide on attributes to include/exclude.

  • Click Export.

  • Repeat for each notebook.

This strategy maintains organization, particularly useful when dealing with numerous notes.

Remember, Evernote notebooks don't take long to export individually, but if you have numerous notebooks, allocate sufficient time for this task.

Exploring Alternatives to Evernote: A Comprehensive Review of Note-Taking Apps

Looking beyond Evernote? Explore these notable alternatives that cater to various preferences and needs.

Notion Labs: The Versatile Workhorse

Notion is a feature-rich app offering versatility in formats—tables, boards, timelines, calendars, lists, or a blank canvas. Individuals can create an unlimited number of pages, share data with apps like Slack and GitHub, and collaborate with up to ten guests for free. While the free version is often sufficient, the Pro version, at $10 per month or $96 annually, adds unlimited uploads and enhanced group features. Notion's constant addition of features, including AI writing capabilities, makes it a robust choice for those who enjoy exploring a complex app.

Microsoft OneNote: The Multimedia Marvel

In the realm of Evernote vs. OneNote, both excel with a plethora of features. OneNote stands out with its unique feel, where each entry becomes a page supporting various media—text, audio, images, video, tables, and drawings.

Pages are organized into sections and sections into notebooks. With seamless syncing with Microsoft apps like Outlook, OneNote allows versatile customization of data organization and appearance. A dynamic choice for multimedia note-takers.

Apple Notes: Seamless Simplicity for Apple Users

For Apple ecosystem enthusiasts, Apple Notes is an excellent, built-in alternative.

It simplifies note-taking, photo-saving, document scanning, and sketching. Organize notes into folders, create tags, and utilize "Smart Folders" for automated note collection. While it's exclusive to Apple devices, its seamless integration makes it an excellent choice for Apple users.

Simplenote by Automattic: Straightforward Text-Based Note-Taking

True to its name, Simplenote is a straightforward app focused on text-based note-taking. While it lacks advanced features, its simplicity is its strength.

It's an honest solution for those who just want to take notes without unnecessary complexity. The absence of organizational options beyond tags keeps the interface clean and efficient.

Zoho Notebook: Aesthetically Pleasing Organization

Zoho Notebook combines aesthetics with functionality. It organizes notes into separate notebooks, accommodating text, audio files, photos, and more. Recent updates include the ability to share notebooks and utilize a noteboard format.

Each notebook's colorful cover adds a visually appealing touch. The free version is feature-packed, while premium membership offers additional benefits like larger file uploads and smart tags.


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